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Treat em mean keep em keen

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Now I think that ladies deserve respect and to be treated well. As with animals, welfare is a priority but I am not sure about rights


However you can't go doting on them to much. Put them on a pedestal and they get clay feet.


Howver , just as with a horse; you must show it who is boss now and again as they are both herd animals


Here is Kirk Douglas in the gallery showing how to handle a lady in fur that gets a bit out of hand; in this case Lana Turner:






Note that as with a horse, you can gain a fair degree of control by grabbing a handful of mane. If the trouble persists you may have recourse to the whip; but ony ever down the hindquarters and never raise your hand above your shoulder; as this gives those that do it an unfair advantage over other riders that respect this rule.


Respect these simple rules and your mount will be obedient, respectful and love you. Then you can get on with the important business of making sure it is well turned out and properly groomed.

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Less of the lip ladies!

I spoil my horse and lady rotten. I just bought this fabulous headcollar and bridle yesterday:


Warning! Some may find this mildly offensive.


note the fur numnah though:





This one is NOT rude; and actually looking at it is pretty much the same as the one I have with the bit :






OF COURSE I am aware of the difference between a horse and a woman! Horse have metal bits; women have a soft mouth so must have rubber bits.


Can't wait to start training now!


Pony girls in furs coming up! Well ; their female instructor will be in furs with lung whips and reins, leather gloves and jods; maybe veiled hat too.

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She is just fine thankyou. We will be breeding from her soon; she will got to a top ram. She saw a couple of maggots on her so we had to have her sheared. She wasn't very happy about that. Problem is everyone moans about sheepdip and everything but without it it can be cruel as flies/maggots are a nightmare.


How are you doing anyway Ravens?

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