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To the new and the silent

Guest touchofsable

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come on in the water is fine.


I just noticed that there are 8 guests and four members online who have never posted.


Come on...here is your chance even if its just to say hi ! Once the first post is out of the way its easy!


You need to fear nothing; if you have any hassle we have two particularly vicious guard dogs in Tryxie and Worker. They are here to defend you; and your security.


If you do appreciate fur...in any capacity; be it fashion, fetish, conservation or culture , modelling or photography or deign or sales or production etc etc this is where you will find lots of like minded people and an incredible support group; aswell as an absolute mine of information in our wiki and the best gallery on the net: vintage to movies to fashion to erotic and even a smoking gallery with over 400 images. There are 11000 images in all now; none repeats.


So get posting!

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Well, I will endeavour to post more often - assuming I can think of something vaguely interesting to post about!!

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From The Girl Who Probably Has The Biggest Mouth Here, I Encourage Our Guests To Join Us And Our Silent Members To Share Thier Love Or Even Just Curiousity Of Fur In A Post.Its OK It Is Perfectly Normal To Like Fur, God Created It For Our Warmth And Enjoyment And Despite What Anyone Tells You ANIMALS Have To Die, Just Like People. No One Here Is Going To Bite As Long As Your Agenda Meets Our Regulations. Who Knows You Might Make A Friend Or Two, Learn Something You Did Not Know Or Gain Insight Into Your Emotions Toward Fur. Hey It Cant Hurt, Its Nice To Have A Place We Can Speak Openly!

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Thanks for that honest account Tom and welcome.


Denial of something can indeed lead to inensified feelings about them; where the thing in question...whether fur , smoking, or even breasts etc...is considered naughty when in fact its normal to find them sexy...then one ends up being obssessed with them!


Sometimes that becomes manifest as extreme denial and anger; and others embrace the fetish.


You see this in the smoking forums. Some of the most obsessed are those who openly admit to having mixed feelings and campaigning agressively for smoking bans etc; while secretly nursing an attraction to women who smoke .


Of course Freud would have it that all us lads are attracted to our own mothers, and that we displace our attraction to them by placing it on an object we associate with her....be it furs gloves, smoking, etc. Heels and crushed by a giant fetishes are said to be the result of being at mummy's feet. I don't go along with frued completely; but I think it can certainly reinforce the spiral curiculum of a paraphelia.


Its a shame we are not all as honest as you Tom; or we may get to the bottom of it. There is a REAL problem in modern westrn society with mothers. Hang ups. Yet we see evidence frm a time when it wasn't...when psychologists could talk about it and a hooker on tv show could say "come to momma".



Welcome! You are completely normal don't worry! Fur is meant to be soft and sexy. It is also to make you feel secure which is all your mother was trying too show you. And it is the nature of life that animals die for anotther to live so as long as we do that as humanely as possible there is no need to feel guilt. Now you can be free of any such burdens as you are among normal people who understand where you are coming from; and start to embrace it!

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I guess you might say that Life is not always easy like that. When we eat meat we know that an animal died for us. When we wear shoes the same. When we build a house we know that trees have died to make the lumber. In most all cases here all of us know that and if we see the physical results of that we seldom like it. But, we humans have landed at the top of the food chain, so that is part of life.


It is obvious that it was the "Eyes" on the fur piece that got to you. And it is obvious how that could indeed happen. Especially with someone young like that.


***Well now. Welcome to the Fur Den! Great to have you here. And we really like to hear well thought out posts like that one from you often.


By the way, since you are a new member, go to our FAQ and look at the section that says "Styles". One of the best parts of the Den is missed by almost every member as they do not read that. It involves a couple of minutes of quick reading but you will absolutely love the results. Try Aluminoid. That is the one that I use.


White Fox

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Gee ToSser, does that apply to the old and not so bashful as well?? WEG


Yes... it is I... at least temporarily..... and who is I??




Oh.... and having read a couple of posts in the backroom...... now it is all becoming just a tad clearer..................... like a shimmering haze of drug induced delight.


I do not know if I have long under this name since I can't remember certain details of my prior "life" soooooooooooooooo....... guess I will just have to sit back and see what transpires....




Won't I??



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Puter died... unemployed... and council library puter faces the room.... so yeah I come here there a lot (not!!)


As for the future... who can tell.



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Last time I was on the den at the library I was going through Mr Mockle 's pics. Suddenly I was very popular and had a crowd of ten lads and a lesbian round me going "oooohhhh" at every one. Started with one computer buff asking me if the terminal was okay...then saying wow ...then calling his lesbian friend over and her bringing a friend and so it went on....

Lana Cox and Tracey Coleman but decently clothed but sexily shot goes down VERY well in libraries lol!


So don't wimp out of going on line at the Library!

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What the He*** are you doing posting under that name!


Give me a pm and let me know what you need to get back on under your real name.


Welcome back! We need someone to tell us about those deathly cold SubArctic Australian winters!


Give me a pm or an email.



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Shall keep it this way until suchtime as I gets a new (used) puter what works proper *grin*..... that way, absences won't be too detrimental...


well, no more than lately anyways LOL



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