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For the teddy bear lovers and fur recyclers

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I've been looking around the net for fur Teddy Bear artists. Good ones are hard to find.


There are a lot of furriers who make fur Bears and bunnies, etc. but most of them are an afterthought from the main business of making and selling fur coats. I have only seen a few furriers who make really cute bears.


On the flip side of the coin are Bear artists who try to work with fur. Let's face it. Fur pelts are MUCH harder to cut, sew and style than plush fabric. (Even mohair.) Again, they seem to do it only as an afterthought of their main business of making Bears from plush.


I have found only one furrier who is a good Bear maker too.




Probably the best fur Bears I have ever seen. And the prices aren't that bad, either! That's a LOT of Bear for $450! And in SHEARED BEAVER, no less!

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Here in Houston,One guy that does custom fur and leather repair,alteraions and other custom fur items as mink bowties ect, he specialises turning old furs into teddy bears.

He did one bear from a mink that had seen better days & belonged to one girls grandmother and he placed the monogram lettering on the butt.

It looked very nice and this is the same guy who does a lot of Beyounce's work.

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