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Everyone Beware...

White Fox

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Everyone, we have info that less than 50% of you are reading sticky messages like you did in the old Den. You should be really careful if indeed you are one of the members doing this.

These messages are handled totally differently than in the old Den. You will notice that except in a few cases which could come up like the outlay of the favorite's forum they will only last a little while until they become regular messages.

For instance... less than 50% of members here have read the FAQ. There are instructions in there to an absolutely startling side of the Den! Yet 50% of you have no idea that it exists because you have not read it. Some of you are thinking "Why did they put this green up top?" Well folks, if you would only read the FAQ you would find that it does not need to be up top! You could get rid of it in about 30 seconds.


Also, please remember the outage this weekend. It is indeed coming! So if you are posting at that time you will have problems. Again, these sticky messages are important!


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so, what else is new? I mean, on every forum on the internet that's PHP based, there are stickey's. It's up to the users to read them.

And the 50% that still haven't read the stickey's, probably didn't need them.

When I find something uninteresting, I simply don't read it... just like in the newspapers

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I realize that they are indeed boring. However, if folks did not read them they would not know that we now have a fur movie thread or that the How it all started thread is now open. Or that if they did not register under EXACTLY the same name that they used in the old site that they would not be getting their post counts updated when that happens in the future.


Great to see that you for one have read the FAQ. See you use SubSilver. It is interesting that the folks using SubSilver, Aeolus, and Aluminoid are almost always just about exactly equal in number.

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Hm a case of "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink"


Thing is that in this case, if you don't drink, you may find yourself wondering what has happened.


I have also noticed that titles tend to generate action first and after a while if enough folks look at it, it becomes self perpetuating (eg Webshots @ Melody or List your furs)


But as with the mentioned horse, we can't make you drink. But we can make you take notice VVWEG

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