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Tatler and Vogue from the 1950s: what you are missing

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I have never seen any of the pics on any fur or fashion forum anywhere on the web apart from the odd Norman Parkinson etc image contained in these pages. I ahve every one from 1951 to 1961 approx.


Every image is of the type of qaulity that Mr C posts. But his I asume are from US vogues etc


Tatler also has CANDIDS of "real" people from the period at social events.


Here is a average Tatler contents:


Nov 27 1957 :


page 1 ;


Astraka faux ad; 1/2 page model


page 8 and 9

Anglo Spanish Ball:

Mrs Rafael Valls in white fox stole and the duchess of Rutland smoking


page 11 Anglo Netherlands Society annual dinner:

Mme Stikker Dutch ambassadors wife in mink stole


Page 12

First Night of "The Happiest Millionaire" at the Cambridge Theatre


Mrs R W Eastwood and Mrs Robert Beatty smoking in mink stoles

another shot of Miss Shirley Watson in white fox stole


page 13


Name Day of King Badoiun event:

Mrs Graham Lampson in light coloured mink bolero


page 15


United nations Ball at the Dorchester

Mrs David Zeiler in white fox stole smoking


page 16

Debutantes arriving at Buckgham Palce Ball in furs from 30 years before.


page 20


Mrs R Bond in mink over shoulders smoking


page 26


Mrs Carles Hambro in a gorgeous mouton at the Cheltenham November race meeting (Mandarin winning the Hennessy Gold Cup there)

Mrs Richard Bryant in a gorgeous musquash " " " " "


page 32 and 33 34 35

Fashion spread on furs:


Indian lamb model

Spotted Ranger seal model


Full page model wearing black stranded skunk f/l coat and beret over a Hillman estate car


full page model in beached sheared Australian possum jacket

Greay and silver blue-back Greenland Inuit seal coat model (525 guineas...good income for the Inuit)


African Leopardskin jacket (220 guineas....a third af the price of an average terraced house: and a MASSIVE income for African people...who would have acted as guides on hunting reserves....now they pick coffee for a 50 cents a day and the plantations have wiped out the leopard)

Honey blonde Beaver lamb jacket (

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I remember seeing this Magazine in the 1980's The Fur Photos were jaw dropping!

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Every image is of the type of qaulity that Mr C posts. But his I asume are from US vogues etc




While what I have (or was given actually) is majority US, I have a good number of British and European material. Mine however go from late fifties through 60s, 70s and 80s. So TOS speaks of a great deal of material I would have left uncovered.


Get this man a scanner!



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