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The First Time


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If you talk to any addict they will tell you about thier first time and how they were or are chasing that same HIGH ever since. I know because I was once more than just an alcoholic, but this topic is not about drug addiction. At 13 years old I "discovered fur". When My Mother remarried she did what any newly rich Russian Girl does, spend her Husband's Money. Within a year she owned at least 8 Fur Coats. The first coat I tryed on was a Full Length Cross Fox. I will never forget how my skin began to tingle with goose bumps, I could not stop petting the soft warm coat. I cannot forget those feelings of barely being able to control the "other" feeling, I had multiples without even trying. The more I looked in the mirror the more I knew that I would waer Fur until the day I died, I could not get it out of my mind whe I took it off that night. I have tried many things in my life but I have not been able to ever get away for my infatuation with Fur. I think most of us remember our first time, I dont think I have ever felt that GOOD ever since, I have experienced Sable, every type of Fox, Lynx, Chinchilla, Coyote, Fisher, Fitch and Mink. Can anyone else relate?

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