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Second Life-Tryxie read this!

Guest deedok

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You should check out Second Life's fashion department and I guess you can create your own clothing line in the game. I guess from what I have read on another site they already have fur fashion. I don't play the online MMO but you can check it out here.



A Second Life fashion blog



An example in the game


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Is it just me or does anyone else think that Second Life is just for those people who don't have a first life?



Mr Mockle

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Well I joined played for about 1 hour last night walked and flew around the Tutorial literaly went into the big world. Talked to some people with out much success I did find on the index page and outlets were you can buy fur in the game but they have no addresses for them or directions to get to them and the clubs you can join say you have to be a Furry whatever that is for membership to them I joined anyway lol but I had no luck finding fur and you need to buy virtual cash Linden $ to buy for example Furs. So if you guys join and or have better luck than me so far let the forum know this is a " WORK IN PROGRESS".

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Here is the lastest on SL (second life)

Well you can buy furs from different sellers in this world i.e foxes mink sable cheeter etc etc, pay using there currency.I also found out that you can or buy and sell lindens ( there dollar) using Paypal in US funds but the best if a little disturbing is you can buy furs offer them to a female friend as a gift after getting to know them a little and them if they accept the gift try and pursuade them to fool around or have sex in the fur or furs as the carecter in there world. there are also relmes in this world that are adult oriented and they have strip clubs dance/clubs they are one in the same mostly and it works very well.I have already purchased three foxes and a white mink.more too come ......

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