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I just made a big post up above in the sticky subject "So, Who Would Like to See a Fur Fetish Forum," and although I try to avoid being a big pain, I strongly urge everyone with a love for fur that goes beyond taking a look at the pictures when Tryxie posts them (Just kidding, everyone!!! ) and appreciating seeing a cute girl (or guy, RAWR!) in furs randomly from time to time in their daily lives to go at least make take a look at what the guys are cooking up and post their thoughts on the matter.


If the Usual Suspects are talking they're not just blowing smoke out their rears. No offense TOS! (Just kidding again!)


You guys really can help add to this place to make it better still with your thoughts!


Okay, NOW I'll be good.



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Kate, never say that you are going to be good sweetie...that just takes all the fun out of life.


What's good for me might still be saw as bad to everyone else.



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