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That is Worker's favourite movie. That is where his clock is from, and his handle.


Worker puts in an amazingly large amount of work here.

For those of you who don't know, worker is not a fur fetishist.

He likes fur sure; on women. ALL REAL MEN DO. It isn't weird that. The only pervs are those who think fur isn't sexy.


BUT worker principally came here, like a few other members actually, because they collect teddy bears. Some real fur teddy bears too. Teddy bears can be very very comforting, and many remember the comforting cuddle when we cried ourselves to sleep because we had a pasting for saying the f word or getting the football kit covered in grass stains that won't come out. That is NOT sexual at all btw. Nevertheless. It is another factor in fur appreciation.


Anyway, Worker has rapidly become one of the most hard working people here. He has a great sense of humour, incredible insights into a vast breadth of topics, understands Owls, and is a wonderful friend to many of us. Without his work, especially in security, the den would not function as well.

Worker should be in the hall of fame too.


He posted a message asking for some help in getting a pic of a woman walking without fur, and one of the same woman walking in fur.


Anyway, I started googling Woman, walking.


And what should appear? The robot in METROPOLIS.


The robot was played by a cetain Brigitte Helm, and I don't know why this has never occured to me before.

I spent 2 years at University studying culture and film in the Third Reich.


I used to have loads of pics of the fabulous Brigitte Helm in furs; and smoking. In fact , she became kind of a fascination to me. Shame I lost them all somehow.


SO; partly to honour Worker, and partly to honour the marvellous German actress who detested Nazi interference with expression in German cinema, I have placed Tribute to Brigitte Helm in the Gallery.

One picture is of her as the robot, and one of her smoking. The others in furs. I hope the mods allow the two non fur pics to place Brigitte in context; partly because the robot and the film was a warning against the excesses of modernity brutalism and progress......the world of synthetics if you like, and against nature (like furs) ....and partly because Brigitte smoked EVERY chance she got even when making films in Nazi Germany. She left Germany for Switzerland in 1935 in disgust with the Nazis. She LOVED furs and LOVED to smoke btw; and did so in defiance of The Nazis. In fact, Goebbels was so stupid that he thought Metrolpolis was a great vision, and congratulated Lang. Angry with German actresses for smoking in defiance of him, Hitler drafted in women from the field of athletics to star in movies as healthy examples to the young aryan race; rather than the "unclean" Helm and Dietrich. Of course, these talentless though healthy stooges failed on the screen as miserably as their male counterparts did on the track when faced with real talent of Jesse Owens, a black smoker.


Resistance is never futile.



Well done Worker, and well done Brigitte Helm; who sadly died just a few years ago; silent for all the after war years because she starred in Nazi films at all.


A tribute. Thankyou both. And you just GOT to see the huge fur collars!





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Thanks, ToS! You're too kind!


Brigite Helm was hot wasn't she?!


Yes, I get hot for fur. I always have. All of my most intense dreams have had fur in them. But, no I don't "need" fur to have a good time, nor do I always get excited when I see fur. So, if you want to define "fetish" in narrow terms, no I'm not a fetishist.


Me and my wife don't have any fur coats but we do have some fur toys to play with. I think we've about worn them out!


I am planning to get my wife a nice fur coat. I just don't have a lot of extra cash in the budget. This venture is strictly "coffee can economics."

It'll take a while but it will happen!


The Bear thing... You just need to look at my avatar. Those are actual Bears from our collection. Each and every one you see in that rotating picture are either REAL fur or are made from mohair or sheep's wool... All natural, if not REAL fur. It's hard to explain the Bears to people who don't have one.


The world is divided into two nations.

Those who love Teddy Bears,

And those who don't.


Each thinks the other odd!



Oh! And thank you for mentioning the picture from the movie "Metropolis"! That picture and the movie, in general, have a lot of allegorical meaning to me. It is my favorite movie of all time. If you get a chance to see it, I recommend it. I actually got to watch AND PRESENT the film on the big screen, not just on video.


Very few people actually understand that picture. Thanks, Tos, for mentioning it. It means a lot when people "get it".


And, thanks for the kind words!

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Just uploaded another load of 1930s actresses; many German.


Most were anti Nazi of course.... decadence and lesbianism and drugs and night clubs were rife among the heady lifestyle of these actresses, so the Nazis were an anathema to them.....but there were one or two naugthy ones that I hope the allies gave a damn good spanking to when the Reich fell.


For a great movie about that very time, and the fate of all the fraus after the war, the movie the "Marriage of Maria Braun" has a fair bit of fur and the marvellous Hannah Schygulla in stockings and supenders.

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Yes worker, Touch of sable was being kind, but it is definitely kindness that is well earned and deserved by you. Thank you for all that you do here at the den.

Also may I say that I truly hope that your wife is able to wear her beautiful new fur coat sooner rather than later!

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