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Utterly bizarre fur dream

Guest touchofsable

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I went to bed last night and have just got up; disturbed by a dream that seemed so real.


I was on this shooting range, and then the main guy there says, stay for the party afterwards; we have a great show.


But all the guests were teddy bears; thousands of them.


Then this Belgian guy is walking around giving them all beer and telling them how much better it is than American beer and that New york is bigger than Belgium.

So I am sat there and the lights dim, and the warm up act is this Irish guy who tells us he is a card sharp. Then tells very good dry jokes, and tells us to get ready for the main act.


So the curtains come back, and this amazing looking girl with a severe electric blue bob floats onstage like a supermodel, in a blue fox full pelt coat. "My hair is not really red" she says to the audience.


She walks over to the Irish fellah and says

"NOT on the coat....and its going to be more than ten dollars and YOU (she says turning to me) "are NOT going to record it for posterity"


Anyway, then this absolutely awesome looking SIX foot blonde comes on and sits on a high stool. She is naked except for chinchilla knickers and a chinchilla fur jacket, and she lights up a marlboro menthol; a really long one. I am mesmerised.


She says in a high class accent

"What beautiful teddy bears" and exhales a stream of blue smoke into the air; with an air of class and elegance I have never before witnessed.


THEN, the blue haired girl removes her coat, and underneath her body is amazing; incredible legs.


The Irish guy starts pelting her with custard pies, and keeps shouting:

"oh the hub the hub, wherefore art though"


and she keeps shouting "Yaaahh ....hoooo!" and making sarcastic remarks about my pet lamb.

Then the Belgian guy keeps reminding me politely that Holland is not in Belgium; while the girl in chinchilla gives me smokey kisses and the girl in blue fox beats me.

"Its the way I tell em fellah" says the Irishman as they all laugh at me.


Then the worker at the range whose party it is says

"see? I told you so!"


At this point I woke up.


Funny; it seemed SO real; but I have no idea what any of it meant. But it looked nice.

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It means your feelings for fur and smoking make no sense, or else the dream would have made sense.


And again, so you know that wasn't a serious comment.

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TOS, you have a better memory of dreams than I have ever had!


I'm lucky to remember half of anything what I dream.



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It was just so real; that I don't think it was a dream.........


Maybe I was kidnapped by aliens or something equally bizarre.

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It was Aliens ToS .. most certainly Aliens.


Nice to know you dream in Technicolor















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Now here's my problem... if I were to have a dream like that, I'd wake up as soon as I saw the thousands of teddy bear saying to myself - okay, this has to be a really wierd dream. No offense to you teddy bear fans, I say that whenever I'm having a really wierd dream...



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Well, if the thousands of teddy bears just happened to be beautiful women dressed in nice furry teddy bear costumes, who've abducted me to join them on their snowy planet, then I'd have no problem.


If they'd welcome me to their planet with cases of beer and a promise to feed me different ethnic chicken dishes then I'd have no problem.


If the purpose of them abducting me was to help keep all these beautiful women warm then I'd REALLY have no problem!


Why can't I have nice dreams like that?


Touchofsable's dream sounds like a scene from a future sequel of the movie "The Fifth Element". Someone must have eaten something odd before bed (I heard eating cheese before sleeping can cause bizarre and vivid dreams! I know this because I've had 'em!):wink:


- Kuma

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The problem is, quite a few of us here appear to have had EXACTLY the same dream last night....what do you make of that?


OFF you need a smack for calling Tryxie an alien.


And waht is more; that is how I KNOW now it wasn't a dream. I know her hair was blue. And we don't dream in colour.


Oh all the teddy bears were sat in like some really nice cinema type auditurium thing, and all the action took place on a stage in front of the silver screen. I have to say; the Belgian beer was good.


Wwow you should have seen the blonde in chinchilla and her smoke exhaled in the projector lights.....chinchilla knickers too.....


and the custard all got wiped all over me and the girl then demanded

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Tryxie came floating out of the furry space ship and I saw her drop right into your dream ToS .. red hair and all .. that I could see of her anyway.


You know how cohabitation dreams are
















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Indeed furelli!


A serenade to two very special ladies and I am sure I can speak for my colleagues in arms on this too:


A candy-colored clown they call the sandman

Tiptoes to my room every night

Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper

Go to sleep. everything is all right.


I close my eyes, then I drift away

Into the magic night. I softly say

A silent prayerlike dreamers do.

Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you.


In dreams I walk with you. in dreams I talk to you.

In dreams youre mine. all of the time were together

In dreams, in dreams.


But just before the dawn, I awake and find you gone.

I cant help it, I cant help it, if I cry.

I remember that you said goodbye.


Its too bad that all these things, can only happen in my dreams

Only in dreams in beautiful dreams.



And that little button on the left is the entrance to a dreamscape that nobody will ever believe.

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I have probably mentioned this before, but for me smoking and furs would be a nightmare scenario as I would be too worried about the smell getting into my furs to relax and enjoy any potential for sophisticated elegance that may present itself.

As a matter of fact rather had that happen to me in europe on several occasions recently come to think of it...nice pub, wearing my fur coat, a smoker sitting a few tables down, OH NO!

This is in now way to be taken as judgmental Touch of Sable...I have saved a few pics of great women in furs with cigarettes...I guess I have just absorbed too much info on proper fur care to ever relax about it.

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Lemme see the pics Lynxtte. I will wash my mouth out with carbolic, coat my tongue with mink oil and lick your coat's bottom guard hair clean to prevent wear and pollution damage if you let me see and never smoke in front of you in furs inside promise


And don't worry; in the Twilight zone smoke has no odour; ask tryxie. she's allergic but suffered no side effects.

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I made no photographs of myself, but some friends I was with may have but they are bribe-proof I am afraid. Very tempting though sir, very tempting.

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