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If one night when a few of us were going to be online for an hour, and someone were to go dealer, we could have a poker game for fun in off topic. I have seen other forums do it and it looks fun. The dealer gives a flop, then pms the cards to the players etc. I know there are a fw of you card players out there. Would it be worth a go? High stakes in fur stocks.

Winner is the person with most sables at the end lol!


Dealer should be a glamorous kind of Matriarchal powerful Casino lady in furs. Do we have anyone like that?

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Not averse to trying it your way but...


There are companies that make card games which network. I can run a game, locally, on my machine. You run the same program then we use the internet to "hook up". It's like chat with cards.


There is a company called www.freeverse.com that makes a whole lot of good networkable games.

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Poker is an Art not just about money.

And imaginary furs could be an interesting motivator.

Or are you scared about getting beat by superior game play

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