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The Gallery: Best Fur Archive on the Feb and a HELP appeal!

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If you are a newbie; easy Tiger the 30 days will soon pass; and then you will need 30 days to browse it lol! NOTHING on the net has anything like it.

BECAUSE it is ordered really, really well.

It can also be cross referenced by searching:

so a model smoking in blue fox may be accessed by searching:

her name; fashion, smoking, blue fox, gloves, stockings vintage etc or whatever it is; even though it may be archived under fashion or smoking.


That is why it is extremely important people put as many search words relevant as possible when posting an image.


Wow Bavaria that nude chick with the HUGE native fur hat and tail is awesome btw!



Now. Okay we have made something really special together here. Unique;

thanks largely to the efforts of Tryxie and her fashion colleagues; our great candid shooters like pokerace; our faker pic makers; our own members and their stunning partners; Mr C and his fabulous vintage collection and info on models; pics from st moritz from mysefl and others; OFF's ebay collection; Mr Mockle and Lana Cox etc; Furbabes collection and all the complete grosvenor collection, etc. etc. Thanks to all too I haven't mentioned; Everyone no matter how small a contribution has made this.


If you are a photographer or model or designer please feel free to join and upload your portfolio of fur pics into the gallery (after the 30 days is up) and join this really prestigious archive. EVEN if you have a paysite if you can add a few freebies in it tells people you are there if they want to follow up.

So for example; say Dita if you read this (he says hopefully lol) and you have done a new shoot with fur...join; pop a few in the gallery and tell us!



BUT DESPITE OVER 10 000 individual no repeat images; well ordered and accessible; we HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO SCRATCH THE SURFACE.



I have a collection of EVERY British Vogue Tatler and Queen Magazines from the 1950s. Each has an UNBELIEVABLE amount of furs.

Imagine if you will, mothers in furs watching the Eton Public school Wall game, clebrities at the Cheltenham festival; mink stoles at Art Gallery previews, Hunt Balls and stoles and gloves; all the Royal fur pics; PLUS hundreds of ads.....even DOZENS of full page b/w images from when DEBENHAMS used to sell real furs. That is right; Debenhams. Literally thousands of fur pics, mostly b/w of REAL people too, from 1951 to 1961 and THAT is just from the Tatlers.


And then there are the Vogues and Queens. Unbelievable colours; immaculate not faded really fresh....and the vast vast majority UNSEEN on the net.


Then there are my small collection of Vogues from the 80s and 90s from Europe. Russia and Spain Italy and Germany. One unbeliveable shoot of minks thigh boots and sables smoking; from a Spanish Vogue.





Would take a day or two to upload them; maybe even just a fraction of them. One can sort; the other scan.


Then my st moritz discs; maybe 200 shots can also be uploaded at the same time.


I know lots of you well enough to trust you so any volunteers with a scanner? As long as I can travel by train and stay in a reasonable hotel nearby if you have some spare time I can spare some. HAVE BAGS FULL OF MAGS: WILL TRAVEL lol!


Every one of these pics is UNSEEN.


Would make the archive here evven more special.



THEN also a request.


Many of you here just post the odd pic or just browse. BUT you will have on your computer dozens of unseen images. Maybe even vidcaps from movies; scans of your own mag collections; and probably thousands of candids not posted anywhere else. Please make sure you KNOW that the images have not been posted before. Half an hour is all it takes to browse say the ebay bit if you have ebay images. SOMEONE has to have more pics of jimmy Page's German ebay chick for example.


HERE is the place to post them and become part of this amazing project.


PLEASE remember we do not do copyright violations. So S/C playboy etc is not allowed. Magazines and fashion photographers tend to take a different view so unless we hear otherwise they are okay as long as we do NOT charge for access to them, reproduce them etc; although accreditation should be given.



So get uploading! Let us make this the definitive Fur Library; which can be usd as a resource by historians, fashion professionals, students, ect aswell as everyone with an interest in fur itself.

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