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Boring crap about some of my new pic posts.


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I'm sorry, TOS, that there were no smoking pics in the shots I post a little earlier in the week, but check out the two ladies with cigarette holders today.


I sneaked in one of my own fur ads from my advertising days earlier in the week. Did anyone catch it?


I also posted a series of shots from one issue of British Vogue (Oct 1, 1961) today. There were actually more shots in the issue, but I just posted what I thought were the best. One ad there I thought particularly interesting was the use of mink to sell stockings. I suppose that would be politically incorrect today. It's all TOS' fault -- if he would only not be so afraid to express his opinions.



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Many a true word is spoken in jest Mr C.

The majority of foxhunting people for a long long time avoided putting their case forward for fear of persecution and then there were those that said to diss the antis case would be to highlight their cause, and that it would all blow over.

It didn't; we didn't fight; it got banned.

Now we have a new generation of foxhunting people; young, educated, determined, conservation oriented, and willing to do mor than just fight our corner. Bryan Ferry's son bing one. From a low of 20% of people in the UK in favour of keeping foxhunting 12 years ago, this has been reversed to a massive 59% in favour of it being brought back.


They thought we were just telling them propaganda at first. Now they are seeing what poisons and guns do to foxes; seeing the Labour Party destroy the countryside. In Wales, the combination of that and he smoking bans have seen Labour's support crumble in their heartlands to 20% of the vote. As only 50% of people voted that is only 1 in 10 people from a high of 7 out of 10. It is their worst result since 1918 and they are unabe to form a government in Wales. If this is reflected at the general election in four years or less, we will see the reintroduction of foxhunting, and an end to talk of banning furs; an end to the politik of envy and the hatred and social collapse and divisions it causes (the real reason for anti fur feeling).




Now, back to the posts. As usual a splendid selection from times of true elegance, and some more recent. The smoking ones are wesome! Keep em coming Mr C and pleeeeeease mods can thy go in the smoking lounge.


That 90s one wth the holder is breathtaking thanks!


Which one was yours Mr C from your ad days?


Also did you see the vintage lady in mink and hat smoking I posted just before you and Tryxie's posts? Any idea who she is?


Thanks again for some beautiful pictures.

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[quote also did you see the vintage lady in mink and hat smoking I posted just before you and Tryxie's posts? Any idea who she is?


No I can't seem to get a fix on her, but I love the pic. In fact I downloaded it to my personal use disk.



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