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New Ladies rollcall

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Well it is great to have MadisonAvenueFurprincess back. Now we have, in no particular order, :







Tryxie Trash

Miss Theresa

Francoise 1970

Foxy Lady



Velvet Tigress

Helen in Furs












Who have I missed out?


Then I know that there are a few dozen silent and new female members.

Please do not be shy to post. This den is perfectly safe and anyone giving female members unwanted attention get their ass kicked. There is no way that AR people can identify you from a pseudonym, and worth noting that several of our ladies are not incognito.


So if you are new or silent in the den don't be. This is a fine place and you are part of a family here. Post even if its to say "hi"


I am sure the ladies can bear me out on this. The old days of harassment are gone. We bust stalkers butts!

One troublemaker here is about to get his collar pinched by the law shortly.

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Indeed Lynxette. Janie was missed. Our Queen of the site!



Shelly of Kevin and Shelly.


Carol (FurBabe)



Any others out there? I seem to recall others who have registered but we do not hear from often. please remind us!



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sorry ladies; my post got interrupted so I didn't have chance to list everyone. OMG Maribeth Jaynie and Shelley should have been priority! Sorry!

And bbwfurgoddess and Furbabe..... she is also an icon of glamour!

And Jennfur . There are probably others too...keep reminding me and I will update the list.


I must say it is a fine company; we are priviliged.

Even if some of you do need a spanking now and then lol!

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And by the way guys.


Before you decide to go after our "New old member" Madison.


She is taken!


So don't waste your time! Hey, I tried years ago!



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Nice to see some of the Furry Ladies back online!! Just wish they could get online more often, if / when time permits...




PS Hey Janey - how you doing?

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Hi Unclejoe420,

All is well with us as I hope it is for you. I'm sorry I've been too bust to chat. We've got a girl in High School now! I can't believe how much running around and computer time she needs!

Tell me what's new in your life........



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Hey Janey - just sent you a PM to bring you up to speed on what's been happening over here. Hope that is ok?


As for all you other furry girls here, how are you doing? Would love to hear from you all, if you don't mind that is..

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