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Do you long for the days when........

Guest touchofsable

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The gloves just do add to the overall elegance of a fur don't they?

This is one of the main reasons I enjoy the 80's model pics so much...sigh. I was born too late I think.

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I Love The 80's!!! I Love The 80's!!! I Love The 80's!!!


Where have you Gone, My Love!


Fur was meant to be paired with Leather, Silk, Hats, Sunglasses and Gloves and Heels




Wake Up Fashion Designers and Furriers.



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So true, but I also love wearing a big angora sweater, a pair of nice jeans and a fur jacket/parka out to the slopes though too.

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....you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...when I met you.....

ah yes the 80s.

the music was pretty fab too.


leather gloves leather skirts wide belts power furs, shoulder pads, cossack pants tucked into rouched boots; big and crimped hair. Wouldn't it be nice to have them back. I have good news. They are:






Now I have seen little evidence of this look, first reinvented two years ago, as yet. Until that is, until this year at Chemtenham and then st moritz and then even at Windor races the other night.

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Ah yes Galanos. A riot. That reminds me how things have changed since the eighties.

Ah remember when you could have written in your diary:


Walking through town is amazing

at sables and blue fox I'm gazing

at girls with crimped hair and black minks

and sometimes zandra rhodes fox in pinks......


Girls swan around furs and gloves on

with cigarettes tall cocktails and lips shone....




And now; here is the Kaiser chiefs message of what walking through the streets of Britain is like today. I like the bit that implies that furs have been replaced by chip fat worn under the skin lol!


walking through town is quite scary

Its not very pretty I'll tell thee

watching the people get lairy

And not very sensible either

A friend of a friend he got beaten

He looked the wrong way at a policeman

Would never have happened to Smeaton

And old Leodiensian

La-ah-ah, la la lalala la

Ah-ah-ah, la la lalala la


I predict a riot, I predict a riot

I predict a riot, I predict a riot


I tried to get in my taxi

A man in a tracksuit attacked me

He said that he saw it before me

Wants to get things a bit gory

Girls run around with no clothes on

To borrow a pound for a condom

If it wasn't for chip fat, well they'd be frozen

They're not very sensible


La-ah-ah, la la lalala la

Ah-ah-ah, la la lalala la


I predict a riot, I predict a riot

I predict a riot, I predict a riot


And if there's anybody left in here

That doesn't want to be out there ........


I predict a riot

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To sum this up - lets have the ladies wear what is classy, stylish, feminine and individual - NOT the mass produced rubbish purtaining to represent current fashion today.


Think thats right...



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AND also behave like Ladies. I am pleased to say I think very highly of all the ladies here but the same can be said for few of the women I encounter these days; older as well as younger women .


Although it must be said that I don't see much evidence of gentlemen around either.


Society has decayed in a dreadfully short time in the UK anyway. I don't know how you are finding it in the states...I would imagine it varies from region to region. I can't imagine Virginia has gone to the dogs yet.


The other day I stopped two youths stealing from a wine store. Firstly, I did not receive so much as a thankyou from the store. Secondly they were waiting for me outside. As I walked down the street they shouted "grass" after me so I turned to face them. I was told I was a "posh git". I then let rip a barrage of abuse at them to leave them in no doubt that despite how I was dressed I was no different from them. Then I told them that I was dressed in traditional British clothing; that most of it was from charity shops or ebay, and that they were dressed like kids from American ghettos in mass produced garbage that cost pennies to produce from third world labour and they paid through the nose for. I told them by descending into petty theft they clearly had no respect for themselves.

They were silent.

I left them to ponder what I had said, and then one of them spoke.

"okay then. Have you got a fag though?"


The thing is, they didn't even say please. I told them to think why I declined to give them one; and they couldn't.


This is a generation which all those billions of pounds of taxpayers money have failed. My solution? Get rid of the education system altogether. It isn't working. Start again, and this time do not let politicians, parents and bureaucrats have anything to do with it. Leave it to education academics to prepare a classic education based on classic disciplines for all and then replace "social education" which is actually social engineering, with "finishing": the study of manners and etiquette (these are Liberators...levellers) and leave the condoms and marijuana and smoking and other pc bullshit out of it; tolerance is only achievable through understanding of culture, not moral lecturing. Vocational education should also be knocked on the head; it should not be the job of the school to condemn these kids to servile oblivion; but rather to raise their aspirations to anything they want to achieve. But that isn't what society wants is it? they want drones. And to give them the illusion they are not drones, but free citizens, they have robbed their aspiration and dignity and are given instead the freedom to thieve, puke in the streets, and behave worse than animals, and in them the politics of envy is fostered by a vile government who have redistributed wealth true, but not to the working class but as usual, but the petit bourgeois and multi National Corporations encouraged by aggressive foreign policy/moral imperialism to stabilise markets.

But hey, as long as they ban foxhunting, tax 4x4s, and criticise furs, and shout loud about democracy and Aid for Africa, and give access to fame by lowest common denominator media and reality tv; they can hide what they are actually doing from the masses: building a New World Order based on hidden and not obvious wealth and power. Society has decayed; but it matters not to those in their towers because they aren't made of ivory any more so they can't be readily identified to tear down.


Class and elegance are not things one is born with or inherit. Anybody can have class. It isn't a rigid tool of divisive socail structure as it is portrayed. But to identify it ( and ironic actually that some of the colonies still know what it is) and its trappings , and attack them as a symbol of opression is nothing more than a sly diversion in building the New Order; one that is now characterised not by manners and furs and beautiful cars and country sports, Ballet and Art, but by a code of politically correct morality, badly cut grey polyester suits and an army of people saying "computer says no" and an underclass of couch potato uncouth zombies who believe they are free if they have a playstation, sat tv and a pizza delivery and a stupid haircut and tattoo and the belief that "eveyone has the right to their own opinion and taste". And who are at the top? Ask Cherie Blair and Gordon Brown.

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