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Laura McCree in fur and using fur

Guest touchofsable

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She appears to favour using it in her interiors:



Here she is for those of you who don't know her. She is quite bonkers but quite fit; and I am pretty sure the fur fronted cardigan she wore tonight on changing rooms with furboots was real.


btw I found this fab pic of Sian Phillips on that site. I think this may be feather but its a nice image and she does wear furs:



and here is Lady Tryon:



Then I seemed to remember Sian playing Dietrich so I googled and found this;



Funny sometimes how you look for one thing and find somethin else lol!

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I have decorated with furs in every room where I live except the kitchen/bath areas due to obvious cleaning issues. It allows me to have furs around year round, as well as being a statement of who I am and what I love. My decorator said that is a key to effective design, is putting some of yourself into it...and I couldn't agree more. I am so glad I have.

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