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Who the !@#%& is Jackson Pollock? (video link)


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Anyone hear about Terri Horton yet? She bought what may-or-may-not be a Jackson Pollock abstract expressionist painting at a flea market for $5, and the resulting debate speaks volumes about class in America...not to mention our systems of subjective value.


There's more on YouTube.




and p.s. - I am reunited with my furs, finally.



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If she really has a Jackson Pollock painting for which she paid only $5, then she really did strike it rich! Pollock is considered by many to be the greatest abstract expression artist of all time. I think he is - IMHO, his work is awesome - ! When I was young, footloose and fanny-free, I had three Jackson Pollock lithographs hanging in my apartment. Even they were quite expensive! As good as Pollock is, if I had it to do all over again, instead of Pollock on my walls, I would have had fox in my closet . . .


Good to hear about your reunion, Joey . . . !

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Authentic Jackson Pollock paintings can be identified through fractal analysis.


This has been possible for several years, now.


By making high resolution photographs and running them through a computer program, you can determine whether or not they are genuine Pollocks. There have been several papers published on this subject.





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