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How to safely put out a kitchen grease fire (Not a joke)


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Right now I am in a good mood, so although I should be heading to work I'll take a moment to reply.

This reminds me of the time a farmer not all that far from here ran his tractor into the ditch. There was a break in the linkage and the clutch would not work.


A couple of hours later, he was talking to his next door neighbor and telling him how frustrated that he was when he could not get it out of gear and it was getting closer and closer to the ditch. He said, "You cannot believe your feelings and frustrations when you see that coming and there is nothing you can do.


His neighbor said "Why I would have reached down and turned off the key!"


The first fellow was so embarrased and dumb founded that he almost fell through the floor! Could not believe how stupid he was!


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