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Tom Robbins


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we had conversation back to the Furriers Corner about Tanuki's and Finraccoon's. This reminded me of Tom Robbins, my favorite writter and Villa Incognito. Anyone has read this?

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I definately recommend any books of Tom Robbins to any person with a good sense of humor and open mind!

However if you are about to read Tom Robbins for the very first time try the "Woodpecker", "Even Cowgirls got the blues" (it was a movie with Keanu Reaves, Uma Therman and others), "Jitterbug Perfume" and "Another Roadside Attraction" (by the order I am giving them to you).


Unless if you are anxious to read about the story of a naughty Tanuki and read Villa Incognito

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When I just looked at this again I noticed the following in the top message.


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