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An article I'm surprised hasn't been posted yet.


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These two articles are excellent; good find joe. They are informed, researched, reasoned, grapple with the ethics and dismiss them, and reflect a lot of what we have been saying here.


Significant also that Spiked and The Independent have given these views over. These are vehicles largely for the left field. Significant also that the Daily Mail often runs pro AR arguments, hungry as they are for the advertising revenue from these lobbies.


I spoke to a communist who stood at the local elections recently. He is incensed by the way that socialism has been subverted by an AR agenda he sees as bourgeois, and meant that New Labour have not addressed transport, health and education in 10 years. That was an interesting perspective....he cited specifically that there was no need for communists to be anti fur or anti hunting, and that many communist countries had upheld these.


Strength of reasoned argument will always win through as long as we have a genuine free press that doesn't treat its demograph as too thick to understand. The problem is, articles such as this are still thin on the ground as the RSPCA muscle up to spend a fortune in the press on anti fur propaganada. My feeling is it will backfire against them btw....there is an old lady down the road from me who wears a mink coat and has 8 cats from the RSPCA, and she was telling me the other day how she had always given money to them but no more.


Can we wiki these references please? Well found Joe.


Also the point was made that women are buying furs in the UK in record numbers, and only fear of threat and intimidation is keeping them off the streets. You only see them at the races, balls, theatre, restaurants, hotels, airports, functions, etc....but also significantly now at alternative venues and clubs.

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