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A Pictures question we have been asked

White Fox

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Recently we have had a couple of questions here involving pictures. The questions really in summary were - "Are some photos of kids allowed here and if so which ones?"


What we have to remember here is that this is a fetish and fashion site. One is as important as the other. As a fetish site this site is classified as adult only, and thus we must be extremely careful on what photos we publish. Some people out there have some very strange ideas of "Purity" as shown by the fact that we were almost taken down by our server once when a post was simply titled "Youngster in fur". Obviously the poster never thought of that causing us problems and neither did we. But someone was dedicated in causing us problems for some reason known only to him/her.


Now then, here is the way it works.

Any photo may be turned down by our site owners, or in fact allowed. However, the general guidelines are like this.

If a photo is of a "Babe in Arms" where the mother is wearing fur that photo may well be allowed.

If the photo is a child too old to be carried or is not in the arms of a parent almost certainly the photo will not be allowed.


Once again though I want to stress that these decisions are up to our two site owners. I (White Fox), our Mods, and all Members must abide by their decisions. It is just not possible to cover every tiny little detail of certain photos that may or may not be allowed so this is the way we do it.


I hope that this answers any questions anyone has on this subject. I do know it is confusing as by times it is even so for us. That is why we sometimes remove photos or links for "Review" by our mods. If anyone has further questions, please email any Den Staff Member, or post them here. It is extremely unfortunate that many thousands of photos that are superb photos with no fetish orientation at all cannot be allowed because of the corrupted minds of some people. But unfortunately that is the way it is and we must remember that.


Thanks all

White Fox

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Yes its a sad world we liive in when people think like that.

But regretably ther are people who do want to take us down and would like to get us on this one so it is correct.

I have a lovely photo of a mother with her kids; in mink at st moritz. BUT I

simply couldn't post it. It is absurd, as its not like the kids are in fur or anything untoward is going on. I would bet that 100% of us here wouldn't even notice the kids! But sickos would; and we know AR people are sickos.


So I agree fully until such a time we have less hysteria about this.

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Actually I'm glad there are some guidelines on this issue here. If someone takes pictures of children in fur with the intention of displaying such pictures to fur fetishists, it seems to me to verge on treating the children as sex objects, even if there's nothing in the pictures that screams pornography. This seems to enter a rather shady area because so much can be determined only in the minds of those who click the shutter or post or view the pictures. I'm glad that instead of trying to read everyone's mind, this group sets a cautionary boundary.


That aside, I don't believe I'm being emotionally healthy when I use myself or anyone else as a sex object. It might certainly be legal for me to use another adult that way, but when I do, I believe I violate my own and the other's inner child.


When I make love I want it to be under circumstances of an emotionally intimate relationship. That's why it's not appropriate for me to go looking for pornographic images of people in fur or not. That's why I want to take good care of myself such that when I see a person wearing fur or picture of a clothed person wearing fur, my arousal is because that's what fur does to me; but when I'm being true to myself, I won't be sexualizing a stranger face-to-face or in a picture.


I'm not writing this to preach. Each of us does the best we can, and it's not my job to set others' boundaries. Still, I think it's a good idea for a website that attracts many people like me to avoid distributing pictures of children in furs, and that boundary makes the Fur Den that much more trustworthy.



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Yes, actually when Linda and I get together in the local motel at night there when Bob is away, we.....


Oh. Back again. All kidding aside, it is great to hear that you folk agree. I also agree with TOS. It is the people with the dirty minds looking in from the outside that think of this sort of thing much more than any of us do here. But unfortunately we must prepare for those sort of narrow minded people and even possible misunderstandings from "Just the normal folk" that can come from such things.


So, yes, there are some photos not allowed. But there are indeed so many yet to be found that will fit in our Gallery so well. So, have fun folks!


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Like the Psychiatrist giving his male patient a Rorcshach test and the patient said each one lookes like a vagina.


The Doctor. says .. "How can they all look like a vagina to you?"


"I don't know doc? You're the one showing me all the dirty pictures."













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