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Rendered Fur - Critiques Please.

Worker 11811

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Pictures below contain female nudity. Rated "R" material.


Original Picutre.


Using GIMP's "Impressionist" Filter to render a fur-like texture.


Furred Picutre.


My own self-critique:


1) Less random variation in fur texture. Needs to "flow".

2) Needs less transparency. The stripes showing through make the fur look "busy".

3) Needs to look more 3-dimensinal. Should probably render in two or three layers.


Should I manually blur the boundaries between skin and fur?

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I don't mind blunt. Blunt is often preferable.


Longer strands & more flow?


Should I just quit fussing around and go with a full-blown particle system? It might take more computes than I have. I was trying to find a short cut.

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It was a trial run of an idea I had.


Sometimes, if you look at your own work you don't see it for what it really is. You tend to put it up on a pedestal, so to speak.


Putting it out there for others to criticize helps shine some light on it and bring you back to reality.


I really do appreciate criticism even if it is negative.

When I think about it, negative criticism is probably more helpful.


I'm going back to the drawing board on this.

What I've done is to use a filter that paints a pattern over and over to simulate fur. It works OK but it has limitations. Maybe I can tweak it.


I think I'm going to try to set up a particle system that will render each strand of fur, individually. It's going to take a huge amount of computer horsepower. I think I can do the run-of-the-mill editing on my computer at home then use the computers at work to do the final render. I'll have to wait till after hours to do it though.


Thanks! Your thoughts are appreciated.

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Rendered fur is hard to do. I've seen some examples on the net and most of them have been small pieces. If you can pull it off it would be quit a feat.

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While I don't intend to create a fur beast like "Sully" from the Pixar movie I think I can, at least, come up with something. I've seen it done. I'd like to take a crack at it.


As it is, today, "Sully" is the Holy Grail of rendered fur!

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Yeah, but Sully was fluffier.


Here's a test render. FurBall.jpg


I just rendered particles onto the surface of a sphere to simulate fur.

Once I learn the parameters I should be able to change the color, length and texture of the fur. I think I can even put random variation into the hair length to simulate underfur.


Now, to pracice up and render that fur onto a complex object! Then, to Photoshop that object onto a picture.

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Glad you guys think I'm on the right track with this one!


What I have to do is design a 3-D framework that mimicks the clothes the model is wearing. Then I have to tell the comptuer to put fur on that framework. Finally I Photoshop the two pictures together.


The furry ball was a 32 X 32 (segments X rings) sphere with 50,000 particle vectors attached to it. It took a little more than a minute to render just that little "tribble". The time it takes to render goes up exponentially as you add particles. I can only get up to about 100,000 particles before my computer comes to a grinding halt.


The 3-D framework that I have to design to cover that model in fur will probably have 500,000 particles. My computer will be screaming for mercy by the time I'm done! I'm probably going to have to divide it up into sections and render each seperately then Photoshop them all together.


This gives me a whole new appreciation for what Pixar did with Sully!

They say it took the better part of a day just to render ONE FRAME of him!


I'll try to keep you up to date... If I don't get frustrated and give up.


If anybody wants to play with that tribble, go ahead and use it.

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Been working on my fur renderings. Here's another fur ball I did as a test.


Test Fur 1


Getting better?


What would make it better?

More hairs? Thicker/Thinner hairs? Longer/Shorter? More/less variation in length? More/less gravity to make the hairs droop?


Oh! In my trials, I found out that it's not as hard to make Sully Fur as I thought! (Okay, I used a library of presets that another guy made.)

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Okay... quick inspection..... looks like dog hair *grin*... long haired dog of course.


Fur should be thinner, in truth, as fine as you can possibly go and at that point length should be equal, not unlike top quality pelts.

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Okay... Thinner strands. Shorter. More density. Less random variation.


Right now, I have the variation in hair length set at a random +/- 10%. Do you want 0% randomness or maybe just 1%.


I'll crank the density from about 30,000 hairs up to maybe 50,000. I can go as high as 100,000 but time to render increases exponentially. (If I double the number of hairs, it takes 10 X longer to render, for example.) It can bring the computer to a grinding halt if I go too high.


Length is set at 75 units right now. I'll lower it to, what? 50? 25?


I can make the strands taper or not. You want a sheared look? I'll make them not tapered.


How's the color? Do you want a more even coloration? Or, is the mottling good? The color can be almost anyting. Even Tiger or Zebra stripes!


I'll work on it. It'll take some time. The computer I need to render on is in use during the day. I have to do it on off-times.

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I'll agree with Mr. B on this. Shorter, finer, denser. And I think the variation in color is more convincing than making it a uniform color. Sorry I can't give numbers, but I'm not as technical as I'd like to be.

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Two more tribbles:


Pretty much started over from scratch on these.

100,000 hairs rendered. (As much as the computer will do.)

Length is 50.

1% randomness of length.


Fur Ball #3


This one is exactly the same as the one above except it's got 2% gravity added to make the hairs fall down just a little.


Fur Ball #4

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