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Dutch TV.


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Regrettable that the Dutch government are in on the swindle.


I really do not understand a society that thins it is morally wrong to rear animals in excellent conditions, usually one or two to their accomodation, wean them correctly (unlike any other farming), look after them well catering for their every need then harvest them humanely after almost a year; while some go on to breeding themselves enjoying a pamperd life. The outcome is an object of beauty and reverence that lasts for 50 years or more; conserving energy by insulation and also preventing mass consumption and waste of disposable synthetics.


YET the same societies allow chickens to be killed after 5 weeks of life after being crammed in in such dreadful conditions they are stressed and diseased. Or force such dreadful economic conditions on farmers that they have to up yield by cross breeding cows and producing calfs that are killed at birth and wasted. Yes that's right...every pint of milk from the supermarket is tainted by the blood of a calf and that is considered okay, but kill an adult mink after treating it well and that's immoral? And for waht? It is TOTALLY unecessary and ONLY exists NOT for chicken and milk itself, but for CHEAP chicken and milk.


Sick sick society.


The Dutch government are hypocrites pandering to the politics of envy...that is what its about; not animal welfare. Because by ANYONE'S standards, mink have a far far better life than a battery chicken or a calf who now not only is his milk robbed but he is killed so we can have it cheap.

If Governments wanted to do something to improve animal welfare, they would ban supermarkets and their unfair and exploitative practices .


God to be a bullock in Spain and face the matador after up to 7 years of good life.

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