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One for all your kayakers and canoe-ists!

Guest touchofsable

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Thanks TOS. That is indeed a great site!


Makes me realize how anxious I am to get out again



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So how about you guys recreating a route that the fur traders or Cree would have taken in one of these and bringing back some furs?

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I agree it is a beautiful canoe, but Mrs. C and I are into white water, so we go with the aluminum or the ABS.

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come back soon y'all ; ya hear....we'll have a warm wecome waitin' for yer....










Griner: Canoe trip?

Redneck: That's right, a canoe trip.

Griner: What the hell you wanna go fu*k around with that river for?

Reynolds: Because it's there.

Redneck: It's there all right. You get in there and can't get out, you're gonna wish it wasn't.



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