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Hello to the quiet and new members

Guest touchofsable

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The vast majority of members here do not post.

That may be because they are nervous, or ashamed, or merely uncomfortable.


There is no need to be.


It is a good community here and some of us are mouthy (like me ) and others hjust contribute when they have something really important, useful or constructive to offer.


But if you are nervous; don't be. Come on in; the water is fine.


Maybe you have a fetish for fur....nothing to be ashamed about. Many here do.

Maybe you are a woman who fears harrassment. Don't; people here are gentlemanly and if you do have a problem the mods will sort it.

Maybe you just appreciate fur fashion. That is fine too.


Some of you may be well known celebs (I know we have a spattering of models and designers here) and may be worried about your ID. Don't be....you can post anonymously under a pseudonym as we mostly do. Your confidential details will be safe.


But please post. You don't have to give anything away about yourself, but maybe could introduce yourself and maybe say why you appreciate furs.


Alternatively, you may just be here for pics and links. That is fine too; but it is nice for people like Mr C who has posted a fabulous vintage archive, to get a little thanks.


Or maybe you are just curious and just joined to see. Well that is fine too; but even a small contribution...whatever it may be..would be nice.



But PLEASE be a part of it. If you are nervous, as you post and communicate with us all you will feel liberated that you are not the only one; and in fact, maybe you are normal and its the anti fur lot who are a perversion!


Join in! We don't bite! (I bark a lot but don't bite honest)


And if you don't speak much English that is fine too....a hello and what you can...even with some of your own language...will be fine! We speak dozens of languages between us here, and can help.

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The Masters comments are appreciated by this new member.I love the pictures and enjoy some of the Forum discussion.

If I ever learn how to transform photographic images from magazines into posts to the FurDen - I have over 500 images gpoing back some years that I would love to share. But- I

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Well, I do apologise for not posting much and being a bit on the quiet side as of late; have been a bit pre-occupied with a few non-furry bits recently. But I will try and stick my proverbial oar in more often!!


As for all those who do post, all I can say is that I truly appreciate everything you guys and gals find for the rest of us to check out!! And I hope we can all keep up the good work!!



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Welcome bunnyson!


We have only just scratched the surface of the images out there. I have some unbelievably gorgeous shots from foreign Vogues(particularly one spanish shoot of a model in suede thigh boots and long mink and sable smoking..awesome) and form every UK Vogue (before the days they "ignored" fur...god you have no idea what a heroine Anna Wintour is) and Tatler and Queen magazine form 1950 to 1964.

And I haven't got a scanner yet either lol!


All in time.


Main thing Bunnyson 2 is you have now broken the ice and dived in. Its cold; but we have furs waiting for you when you get out lol!


Hope you feel like you can join in the conversation now you have made that step.


Any other newbies? Come on!


Welcome! And look forward to you getting a scanner! How was the winter for furs where you were? (Canada?)


We have 1345 members. If we all contribute it will be amazing! That would put fur well and truly back where it belongs.....the ultimate desire.

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Please allow "the old man" to chime in here . . . Welcome to The Fur Den!!! We hope you will drop by often, bunnyson2, that you will enjoy our community, and that we will hear from you often!


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Welcome indeed Bunnyson. It is great to hear from you.


Just a couple of things. First off, I hope that we hear from others as we have from you. This is a great place, and I hope that everyone "Out there" realizes that we are just like you! There is no need to fear joining in. You will not be bombarded with unwanted emails. No one need know who you are if you do not wish them to. Just come on in and have fun.


Secondly Bunnyson. If you would like any help on how to get those photos to the net please contact Off or me. We would be glad to answer any questions from you on that. It pretty much is just scan them off and transfer them here but I realize that is not always as easy as it sounds if you have not done it before. We will certainly give you any help you can with doing that.


Great to hear from another new member here. We really hope that you feel right at home here.



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Scanning photos isn't hard at all. It IS fairly time consuming and there are some small details which, if you get them right, will help improve the quality of your scans a lot.


Scanners are fairly cheap, nowadays, if you don't want one with a lot of bells and whistles on it. Most of them come with a free version of Photoshop too.


With today's multimedia oriented world, a scanner is almost required equipment, nowadays.


I (or any one of several others) will be glad to give you advice on how to get your images scanned and uploaded. Just ask!


BTW: Welcome bunnyson!

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And a welcome to to all other new members and ones who haven't posted yet. Please do. Even if you are female and nervous of attention don't be....we have many ladies here and I am sure they can tell you that you won't get hassle here.

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Yeah! If anybody tries to get wise with our womenfolk, they are in for a chilly reception from about 1,000 of my furry friends! Don't you think that, just because they are Teddy Bears, their claws and teeth aren't just as sharp as a REAL bear's!


Besides, Teddy Bears have this psychokenetic-magic thing going on that you really don't want to get on the bad side of!


Seriously now... If any member, male or female, traditional or alternative lifestyle catches flack from some other member, tell them to go away. If they don't get the hint, LET ONE OF THE MODERATORS KNOW.


The Fur Den has a very good track record of dealing with hecklers, and troublemakers. The average lifespan of a troublemaker at the Fur Den is LESS THAN ONE DAY! There have been some who have been kicked out in less than 10 MINUTES!


If a person is proven to be a problem, I assure you that they WILL be dealt with.


Trust me... You don't want to get on the bad side of 1,000 Teddy Bears!

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