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if she was my aunt . . . . . . . . . .


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go to www.analogx.com. download screen capture.


this is a little known developer who has dozens of free downloads.


the is a PERFECT example of somebody giving back to what made them very rich. He has been giving away this great software for years.

If you want something simple in a program, e-mail him, and in a few days, magically a software/freeware program shows up on his web site.


Sorry mods, not fur related, but very useful to every member here.



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I checked out pelzmantel.com. There's some knarly javascript that can take a long time to load if you have a dial-up connection. But, other than that, there's nothing special that prevents you from capturing pictures from the site in the normal way, as far as I can tell.


If you have Firefox as your browser, you should be able to just drag and drop.


I don't see any reason for any special software to make screen captures. You should be able to capture the picture in a few seconds without it.


Personally, I rarely download software unless I know who I am downloading from and unless I have a specific piece of software in mind. Not to cast dispersions on anybody but doing otherwise is a great way to get viruses and trojans into your computer.

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That is such a precious picture!


Golden Island Fox has always been one of my favorite furs!



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Boy, me too Linda. It's dramatic and totally compliments the tones of a blonde lady -- such as you ! And the full length coat looks like a real treat to wrap up in.

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