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video of a girl smoking

Guest goldsable

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I think she's trying to hard to look sexy and it just isn't convincing. Nice fur though!



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Someone out there likes fur




This ones been viewed nearly 7000 times.




This one 11,400+ and this one over 14,000 tmes even with the poor quality:




Not bad either at 5,000+




At 10,000+ WOW: [Dallas]



One of my all time favorites. Wish I could get the Video!!




We've seen these before most likely.



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WOW thanks Goldsable!


However, though the fur and the model and the imagery is absolutley gorgeous for me; I am inclined to think you are right.

She is trying to look as though she is feeling sexy, seductive, smouldering. It is a good act....a woman whose body is in the grip of nicotine caress can feel like she looks...nicotine can be sensual, and she at first looks like she is feeling genuinely aroused. BUT what gives it away is the exhale at the end. She hasn't inhaled.

So its beautiful; but it is an act.


BUT AMAZING 10/10 for me! Thanks Goldsable!


EDIT: I keep going back to view it; she is awesome thanks again!


PLLLLLLEEEEEASSSSE! someone vidcap it and post the images in th gallery. She look so much like my old teacher at school its giving me pangs! I can't save vids on my puter...can barely play them...slow motion .

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She is trying TOO hard!!! A woman is at her best when she does not even know the camera is there, dont get any ideas guys, its illegal! hee hee! Then we see if she Loves the Fur Coat or is just acting. The Porn Star in the dark room thing is not appealing to me.

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Okay Madison I agree.

But we have to get what we can around here lol!


I agree a classy woman , smoking elegantly in furs while doing something like....waiting for a cab ....is far more beautiful.

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