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Chelsea's Back

Guest erawaled

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And better than ever!


Link removed, too many CoC violations. Wallee.


We will decide what to do here and let you know. For now we are talking about it. White Fox Admin


Awe man, so glad she's back in fur!



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Folks, bear with us. This is one of those links where some of you will see hard core stuff and some will see a clean page. That does happen some times believe it or not.


Much of this is two clicks away so we are tying to find a way that we can allow this under our rules.


Again, this happens some times. Please bear with us. When this happens it is not the fault of the poster.


Thanks all.


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Just pulling your leg anyway Wallee. I got no porn when I linked though. I thought you must ave deleted another and left one that was okay.


Good to see Chelsea back though. Thanks Mark

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Guys, John is out for awhile and asked us to let you know this link is fine for us. It complies with our two-click rule. GoDaddy does not hold us responsible for what we link to outside of the first click.


In fact, I just checked and this is in our links page. If you haven't checked it out, you should. Some great links that you might not have visited before.


Also, if you know of a link that we should include that is missing, please let us know and we will add it.


Remember, we are not being the "moral police." We are just trying very hard to make certain we comply with our server's standards. This will keep us on the Internet!


Thanks for all of the great co-operation we have had. Very seldom do we have a problem, which we greatly appreciate!


Also, one thing that you might note, sometimes with different software, one person may see something that others may not due to filters.


The second link was definitely one that would have gotten us into big time trouble, it is a well know hard porn download site.



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