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I just posted some pics of Verushka, a supermodel of the 1960s and 70s. She was the first (I think) to pass the six foot mark, standing six foot one in her stocking feet. She also seems to be the one vintage model well represented on the net, so I tried to chose some lesser known shots that perhaps have not been seen by very many.





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Wasn't she on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue not too long ago???



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No smoking shots Mr C? Thanks for the smoking shots of Mary and Anne though. Beautiful thanks.

Thing is I get real, real pangs when I see your posts. I remember women like this IRL because women aspired to it. So it became actually manifest in the street. And all my moms frinds looked like them Oh the many happy hours at their feet being steeped on by stilletoes, bashed in the face by mink hems and clouded by smoke while playing with my dinky toys


Can't help thinking the modern genration ...men and women...have been throughly robbed of such beauty and elegance.


Thanyou Mr C; your posts are very very appreciated.

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Don't get too excited touch.


The policy on Vintage pictures with smokes is they go in the Vintage Album.


It was qiote common and "normal" at the time for folks to have a smoke in a picture thus it's not a Smoking Fetish Picture as such. Only in retrospect.


Don't bother to argue the point since it is immutable policy.


Enjoy .. don't complain.














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