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A Half Million. Beyond Belief!

White Fox

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Folks we missed a big celebration here. We now have over 500,000 views on our Gallery. Just think of that. Our little home has had over a half million visits in that area!


Indeed that is something to celebrate in a big, big way!


Now then, we are also close to another line. With just over 700 more posts we can reach 10,000 photos there. So let's get there quickly!


Remember that we want good photos there. We do not want a lot of duplicates or really bad photos just to get to that mark. But when I go to other sites and see that most of their photos are different from ours I realize just how many photos that there really are out there for us to capture. And more coming on all of the time with new Ebay listings, ads, etc.


Thanks to all of you folks the Gallery has become a wonderful place! Let's make it an even better one!


White Fox

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It was last Wednesday when we actually brok the half million mark.


At this time last week there were 501,816 viewers. Right now, there have been 514,713. If you do the math, that comes out to almost 77 hits per hour or 1.28 hits per minute! (One hit per minute and two hits every three.)


Not too shabby!

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