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Mink Scarf


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Fellow Denziens,


It is with great delight I can report on the arrival in the post of my new black double sided mink scarf.


I have always felt Men can wear fur in a different way (although big long coats are fantastic) but fur collars just seem a bit 'twee'. A double sided fur scarf has been an ideal and I commissioned a fellow denzien to make one. Not wishing to be accused of bias, but the maker may wish to declare himself, or if you want to know more PM me.


Anyhow, the scarf arrived yesterday, and it looks, feels and is fantastic. My partner loves it, my kids want one, and if the weather goes a little cooler, I will be wearing it sooner than later. Its understated, stylish and hits the mark.


So, if any male is struggling with the 'male wearing fur' issue I recommend this as an ideal starting point. The price was great, the outcome sensational........


I will post pics later....



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Is it sheared? 8)

I've got one myself, it's knitted. So both side are fur.

It's a nice way to wear fur as male indeed

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