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Fur in an old movie over the weekend


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Got home from work and threw on the TV to some corny horror movie. Its called Rabid... its a 1976 or so "horror" movie... anyways, I won't get into details about it, but from what I saw of it (the last 20 mins or so) the woman wouldn't go anywhere without her massive raccoon jacket! Its one of those 70s/80s power furs with the BIG collars In the end she was laying on the couch with the fur jacket on top her like a blanket when she finally gets killed...

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Thanks ...will have to watch that next time its on.

Also last night on UK tv "Movies for Men" channel, this was on:





"Love Circles"


Its here too. There is a scene in it (I only caught that bit and an awesome shag in black leather operagloves scene) with full kit and a racoon coat in a jewellers which looked nice.

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Rabid??? Isn't that the one with Marilyn Chambers in one of her stellar non-porno roles? I remember that movie - it was a late night staple on the Showtime network during the mid to late 80's.



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