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Nice Academic archive on Sami/Siberian aboriginal furs

Guest touchofsable

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From Helsinki University.


Maybe it should go in native links in the wiki?


I was looking for this when we were discussing native cariobou parkas and end up finding it under something totally unrelated lol!


Anyway EVERYONE should read this short bottom paragraph and remember the inherent racism of PETA towards aboriginals; and how such moral imperialism clearly supports western global industry lust for these people's non renewable resources:





I don't know why fur dealers don't make more of the aboriginal production. One area of Evenkyia alone produces one million furs annually; some hunted some farmed....entirely native. Of course that area has untouched wilderness because it is in their interest to keep animals abundant.

So is it still just the old worry that smart women won't wear native fur because they are afraid that it has been tanned using urine? Almost

50% of First Nations in Canada are employed or derive some income from fur and huntiing too. Why are we not making more of this?


By the way isn't that Khanty cap beautifully tooled?

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