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10 Things You Don't Know About Women


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Ten things I know about women:

1.Yes means no

2.No means yes most of the time

3.No means no sometimes.

4.Women are always right

5.Women can read the heiroglyphics on the front of washing machines

6. Every month for a week women become monsters

7. Women without ponies are likely to want children

8. Women pretend to like football if they want to mate with you

9. Women hate football after they are fed up of mating with you

10. Women do not understand offside.


Other than that; they can be okay if you give 'em a good slapping now and again; but only EVER down the hindquarters. Oh and they look quite nice with lots of make up in a basque and fur.


When I first discovered really attractive t girls; I thought "great" but then I realised....




....they don't understand offside either

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2. If you are fortunate enough to have a girlfriend not wear underwear with her sexy black dress, do not announce it at the dinner party when there's a lull in conversation.


I think I have told this story here, but many are new, so I will share it again.


A gentleman bought one of my girlfriends a red fox jacket in my shop a few Winters ago. That evening they went to very cozy, upscale restaurant for dinner.


After dinner she decided to surprise him and came out of the powder room with the fur on and nothing else on top. Her plans were to "surprise" him when they got to their car.


Just as she passed a table of people who had had "one too many." They pulled her over and said, "My girlfriend would LOVE to try on your fur. Could she?" The panicked look gave her away and the whole place burst into laughter as it became obvious to all what had happened.


It ended up being one of the favorite stories to tell.



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