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Kristin Cavallari arrives in Sydney wearing fur (04/26/07)


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thanks for the warm welcome guys!


auzmink, she was on the mtv show "laguna beach". it was a "reality show" about rich kids in orange county, california. :] she then she has done some modelling.

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ciao honeymelon, welcome.


I love this...and what's even more juicy is the lack of media !@#%&storm about the fact that she's been a PETA poster girl yet she practically grew up wearing fur (daddy's little girl, etc., etc.), so she would obviously just do the animal rights thing 'cuz her publicist told her to. or something. well, that kind of excuse didn't work for paris hilton, and it ain't gon' work for k-cav. those pics are hi-res enough that (heaven forbid) i can see her pores. 'but...it was totally faux, ok?' won't work for her either. k-cav's saving grace might be that she has managed to look so anonymously blonde her whole career that she could possibly deny that the fur-wearer is even her.


Yeah, but. once her Poorly Educated Teen Activist friends finally find her out...her fifteen minutes will soon be up.








"that trim you're wearing..."






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I just hope the bunny in the PETA advert was on the inside of her jacket on arrival at Sydney and not alive. Bunny's in Auz are not welcome and have been the bain of many a farmers existence - so a dead bunny is better than a live one!


Thanks Joe for those comments on her poorly informed prior life - now she's educated!



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