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Cornelia Corba: help needed from german members

Guest touchofsable

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Hi there... Although I am from germany I've never heared from her...(maybe its because I'm only 23...)

I will try to help with whatever I can. Startet to google her just now..

Thanks for your great work,


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That would be a shame.

However don't confuse animal welfare organisations with AR orgs. I am pretty sure I have seen pics of Cordelia in fur on German tv. She is on my "abroad sightings" list from foreign TV.

Mind you that is nothing to go by. How about this for hypocrisy? I couldn't believe it.

In fact, it should be used in pro fur propaganda with the line:

"Do as I say; not as I do" ;




Every time that bitch's name is mentioned in any media in connection with AR isuues that image should be posted. It can't be uploaded from that site...anyone got it?


And remember an interest in animals is often accompanied by the wearing of fur. As in aboriginal animist cultures who worship them and value them, and in Hunting and fur relating to incentive conservation.

Remeber Tipp Hedren and daughter melanie Griffiths wore fur and campaigned for conservation; also Stephanie Powers is huge in the conservation world but wears fur. Asheley Kawasaklee the Cherokee model and lawyer campaigns for good animal welfare and conservation but wears furs. Then there is lately the Conservationist and Big Cat Diary presenter Saba Douglas Hamilton. People like David bellamy the naturalist also back incentive conservation...in particular foxhunting.


It is only those completely ignorant about animals...the Ingrid Newkirks Pamela Andersons and Pinks of this world who are anti fur...and significantly what they know about animals and conservation can be written on the back of a fag packet.


So anyway adjourned for further evidence before we send Miss Corba to the bin.


This may be dyed red fox or it may be maribou (what you don't think they pluck them thn they wander round naked do you?) or feather; either way loks like animal:



And don't forget all the supermodels who di the rather go naked campaign who have since come to their senses and know they were conned; just about alof them are now massively pro fur; Cindy and Elle and Linda being spokeswomen for Blackglama.

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