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Nice surprize at the end of fur season


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I was reading about folks putting away their furs into storage and the "end of the season". Heavy sigh.......


I was reminded about an incident that happened to me this past week. As many of you smart folks might have guessed, I am employed in the comercial aviation industry. You might think that I would have many fur sightings while flying all over the country all winter. Alas, I was thinking why do I never see many furs? Here it is the end of April and the temps are warming up, people are going to warmer climes for spring break....I guess my chances are over. Maybee it is because I am based in Boston and perhaps this area is not fur friendly?


So anyway I was riding in to the airport on the employee bus last week. This is the last place I would expect to see anything because most of us are blue collar types; mechanics and ramp workers, uniformed workers. Well onto the bus steps this GEORGEOUS full length (and I mean to the floor) coyote coat. WOW. That certainly woke me up! It was so long it took me a while to notice the leather boots with high heels underneath. The woman wearing it was 40ish and smiled very little and never made eye contact with anyone. I was hoping she did not feel self conscience. OK, my eyes were on her but I noticed that the rest of the floks did not seem to notice or care. It also finally dawned on me that she was traveling with her husband and on their way off on some sort of holiday since neither were in uniform. I was so happy to finally catch a great "fur sighting" worthy of reporting here. And at the end of the season too. She looked so radient and powerfull and confident. It was worth the wait.


Too bad she never smiled or looked my way. I wanted so much to compliment her on the nice coat but she got off before my stop and we never passed.


The image and feeling will keep me warm for a while.

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Nice surprise for you!


Funny how you can have every condition right and see nothing, and then the most unexpected ahppens.


My best like that was at Chantilly in flaming June one evening after the races in a restaurant. As we went in and my mate ordered a table, I quickly needd the loo. There was just one, and I opened the door to see a lady putting on lipstick in the mirror. She was about 40 and had on the most amazing floor length mink, with a lovely design the way the pelts were angled. She smiled and continued to puther make up on saying simply "un moment monsieur" and then I just stood there for two minutes...busting for the loo...but strangely I gained somehow an extra length of patience

Of course I commented on her fur and she asked me to stroke it. All in the loo! She was very flirtatious.

Sadly though with her husband; though every time in the restaurant I lit a cigarette she did to and smiled over at me. Now obviously because of the 90 degres day, this was most unexpected. She just had a tight little black shift on underneath and pearls; and sat with her coat around her shoulders on the patio tables where we were too. Very French.


I wnet back to he restaurant when in Paris in November after going to Auteuil . It was bitterly cold and not a fur in sight!


BTW icepilot I wonder if your sighting was a hostie on a subsidised holiday hence she used the work bus? In my experience quite a few hostie's and cruise ship girls have furs for several reasons;

1. They have a broader view of the world and see that furs are worn openly elsewhere in the world.

2. They often have access to less expnsive furs especially in summer sales ...in France for example in August.

3. They spend a lot of time in foreign and also very cold climates on times.

4. They are not homebirds so spend less money on their homes and weekly food shops etc so have disposable income despite low wages.

5. They like the excitement of jet set life; and quite often get invited into the world of that..horse racing Cannes st moritz etc. They also are up for anything a lot of the time ....champagne and marching powder goes with romps in fur in exotic places in nice hotels.


How do I know all this?


You're a pilot you must have had a bit of that!

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