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Topic of the Week. This site.

White Fox

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I hope that you will keep posting to the last "Topic of the Week". However, it is time for a new one here.


Have you ever told anyone about this site? Mentioned how you hang out here or post here. Does your wife, lover, girlfriend, best friend, wife's lover, know about this site?


If the answer is yes, please let us know the replies that you got when you told people about it.


If the answer is "No", you can let us know your thoughts on whether there might ever be circumstances where you would admit to anyone that you come here.


I know that this gets right down into some personal thoughts. But remember that you are incognito here, so you can "Bare All".


Looking forward to your replies.



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No, I never have but... The bookmark is in plain sight on my computer. If one of my friends went to this site while on my computer I would explain what is was, and my conection to it. No one I know has ever brought up fur other than the political side of it.

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For all the good it did, I finally told my wife ("Foxy Red") about the Den. She joined, made about three posts, and hasn't been back on since. I doubt if she ever will again. The Den just isn't for everybody . . .

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To me this site is something for all people. It could be a source of knowledge and info about fur, sellers, fashion, couture, aboriginal use, newspaper and magazine article reference etc etc.


It isn't just about fetishism. In fact, I would say that most of us here are not true fetishsist in that we require fur for satisfaction in the sexual act. I know I don't. But yes I enjoy seeing women beautifully dressed and fur is obviously and objectively to the educated aesthetic eye, aswell as the primal urge, beautiful and powerful in terms of status etc.

You don't think 400 desugners are using fur on the catwalk because they are all fetishists do you? Or that all the women who wear fur are?


So I have no embarrasment about being a member here; though onbviously I am careful who I tell. I call it my fur fashion net club. Let us face it...that is what it is really while the servers are so edgy anyway. Our "fetish and sex story" area is little used btw.


So what it is is an exchange of information on what is in fashion, who is wearing fur, beautiful images, signs of thr revival at t stret level, archives of vintage and current fashion aswell as candid and artistic imagery featuring furs, exchange of ideas aboout the cultre and politics of fur, and discussion about the aesthetic. It is all these things aswell as the more fetish oriented.


I know therefore it is used as a source of information by unregistered guests. You know when you see information and links apearing on the net and in the media aswell as even by politicians models and designers, that have been lifted from here.


Now why don't these people join? Also why don't the many people like models and designers and women in general who adore fur register here?


It is because they are nervous of being seen as fetishsists, when actually they may not be. Those of you who wear or whose girlfriends and wives wear furs know that the vast majority of people are fascinated excited and love seeing furs....they are not fetishists though. But they do come here secretly be assured.


So do we want this purely as a fetish site...or do we want it as a forum to include the whoe culture of furs? If we opt for the latter, we will get many mor women here who can find a place to express why they love furs, wher theycan buy them, what they should avoid, become informed to defend themselves with valuable information about fur when questioned, etc.


Imagine if we had designers and photographers posting their collctions, models visiting that have been criticised in the media, etc.


There is still a fetish area for discussion.


So does anyone else thik it can grow in this direction? If it does, we may one day be able to post bumber stickers with pride that we were the avant garde in the rvival of fur in fashion.


If we don't support the industry in this way, it is my belief that it could go the way it did in the nineties again.


One of the things we can do for example is have a sticky invitation here permanently guaranteeing people anonimity. I know several celebs for example who are members of bluegrey scale and also the main smoking forum. They have confided in me. I know there are also one or two here.


Such a message of invitation about what the den has become...it is not just a fetish site...would be fruitful I belive to the thousands of people who love or work with furs but fear becoming part of something sordid. Is there anything sordid here? No. Sure a few of us get off on fur. Nothing wrong with that. The vast majority of us just appreciate fur for the reasons it is designed for! Yes it is sexy, elegant, glamorous, the finest material there is for a designer to work with or a woman to wear, warm, functional sustainable etc.

EVERYBODY loves fur unless they have issues (and even then like the anti smokers who cruise smoking fetish forums , there are PETAphiles who actually get off on women in fur in a love hate relationship) or are uneducated; and we should be a place that encourages discussion education and imagery about that for all.


Then nobdy need feel any embarassment about being a member. Lots of the friends I have toldhave dropped in from time to time btw; thta is why it is important we continue to post links as only full memebrs have access to the Gallery; and we aren't going to encourage membership unless they see both the quality of the pics and that many of them are fashion not fetish oriented.

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I've told several people about the site - none of them 'real-life' friends or family - basically Yahoo friends. I'm sure that some have visited/joined/or were already members here.



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Have you ever told anyone about this site? Mentioned how you hang out here or post here. Does your wife, lover, girlfriend, best friend, wife's lover, know about this site?


My wife knows, she reads some stuff over my shoulder occasionally but only because it's there.


She has no real interest in what goes on here or fur for that matter.


As for her lover...he has a great deal of interest in this site and fur and women in or on fur since a very young age.

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You need to tie her up naked , beat her with fox pelts, place ice cubes on her nipples, tie her legs apart and "fur" her bits with mink and run boas over her naked helpless and cold body until she gets it Wallee! Ride of the Valkyries drowning out their cries for mercy tends to break their resolve and open a new door to them as does a romeo y julietta gripped in your teeth , an open neck frilly shirt , whip or long tom, and riding boots. FAR better than any sex aids. A quality SS uniform has the same effect.


Let her read that over your shoulder


You guys are too soft with your chicks.



Errrr.....that wasn't me; you can tell by the spellings. Sometimes my girlf reads over my shoulder too. And I am worried now cos I haven't exactly done all that with her.



Now she knows other girls look over hubby's shoulder she is reading all my posts (see ermine thread in the den) I said join if you want. She said she would argue too much.

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And what about you, WhiteFox? Is there a bumper sticker with the site's web address (and perhaps a pic of a beautiful lady wearing lynx, sable, or white fox) on your vehicle?

You will have to wait a few days for an answer to your question. White Fox is away on a business trip and may not have internet access again until he is back home.

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When I respond to emails from my literotica stories I usually mention this site,


I infer [infur? ] it in my Profile on literotica.






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I've not mentioned it to anyone I know on a face to face basis.


If I've mentioned it at all to folks I know online it wasn't with explicit information on how to get here, and that leads to questions of why not that I don't really have an answer to. I'll think it over.



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I am very open about my role in this site.


I am comfortable with it, so it usually makes them comfortable with it. A few guys have raised their eyebrows.


My husband, Bob has always known about it, but we both view it as "my thing" We work closely together, so having our own hobbies is appreciated! I share what is going on here often, and share many of your great jokes! 8)



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I am finally back with a little time here. Sorry that I could not reply sooner.


I would have no problem telling many people about this site although I do have to be a little bit careful due to my job.


If someone was to ask and really start a conversation about furs, I would have no problem telling them. It just takes the right combination of things to happen to get there of course.



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