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Maybe this should go in the pub, I dont know but who cares, because the new Fur Den Library is FANTASTIC. Thankyou worker and everyone else involved.


Classy, intuitive and easy to use, informative over a HUGE range of subjects, visually pleasing. the list could go on and on.


It must have taken sooooo much work and planning, It's a real work of art and should be a testament to fur even to browsers from outside who aren't particularly into fur.


I've already found the subject "How to Edit Photos for the Internet" informative and usefull, not just for the den but for my business, as this has been something I've always fumbled around with in the past, never having had it fully explained. It's all clear now.


So I suggest everyone get in there and explore!! Theres a world of information there


Thanks again for all involved, it's really appreciated " title="Applause" />

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Here here! " title="Applause" /> Many thanks to Worker and Tryxie for all the time and effort they put in to make over the library. They did a wonderful job - I'm happy to hear that you appreciate their efforts!



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Indeed our two Library experts did a whole lot of work on this and it really shows. The place looks so much more friendly now!


This area can ba a fantastic addition to our site. It is in fact almost totally unknown to sites like ours be it fur sites, auto sites, or whatever to have two areas integrated like we have here.


***All it takes to make the Library a great place is when you see something that should be saved in our Library to type it into wiki, or ask some of us to do it. If you just press "Edit" and see how entries were made before it is very easy to copy. Or ask us and we can help out. We really do want to see info saved there and we want it to be the info you want saved and not what we want saved. You can also put the info in our "Scratch Pad". Just type as normal always starting at the margin and leaving a space between paragraphs. It is that simple. Just type it in the "Scratch Pad" and we will dress it up and place it in the proper area.


Let's make the Library Rock!


White Fox

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