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The New Library is OPEN!

Worker 11811

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Hey, everybody!


The new library is open! Please take a minute or two to check it out!




All the information in the previous version of the library has been reorganized and updated. It LOOKS a lot nicer too!


The really great part about our library is that it is not a static thing. You can add to it. Little by little, as people add to it, it can grow into a great repository for fur information.


It is NOT very hard to learn how to add to the wiki. There are several people here who can help you learn how to do it and help you troubleshoot if you have problems. There are a couple of tricks to learn but, once you do, it's not much more difficult than posting a message in this forum.


If you have any questions about the new library, please send me or one of the other wiki moderators. We'll do whatever we can to help!

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It should be noted that Worker did most of the work in re-organizing the Library with assistance from Tryxie Trash in designing the organization and layout. " title="Applause" />

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This is something we all can be very proud of! To my knowledge, it is the only one like it on the internet. My hat is off to Worker and to Tryxie for making it look so professional and appealing.


Great work!!!


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