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The Future

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Thought it may be interesting to see peoples visions of the future; particularly as we wonder if there is a place for fur. Interpret this thread how you want; thoughts for how we may become a better society or worse.


Anyway here are my visions :


The Daily Future




Legendary Cat: Does it exist?


Officers supported by heavy armour investigating the possible existence of a domestic cat, eradicated in the mid twenty first century for causing the extinction of birds, made three arrests in mid Wales wastelands yesterday. DNA evidence taken from their fingernails of the prisoners after autopsy did indeed show the presence of feline dna, despite no hair being detected.

The cat was a menace to society bred by animal exploiters for their own selfish gain, and the state exterminated them for their own protection over the five year Animal liberation Act of 2055. Despite this, it was too late to save the birds which the 600 million domestic cats had eaten. The revelation that some may have survived in the wastelands formerly known as Wales was still in doubt as no hair had been found, but it is possible that it may be a breed of hairless cat which some breeders had tried to suggest as exempt from the first mass cull in 2050 under the Public Health Allergy Act when many cats were put down if found to be in an area where they thratened the lives of child asthma sufferers.


Major Drugs Bust: 40 arrests made


Forty undesirables were arrested and sent to camp 15 on the Dover coast awaiting deportation to the penal colony of France today. Seventeen packs of cigarettes were found, and the RAF steeped up bombing raids on

The New American Confederacy in an effort to stem the tide of supply of the illegal drug. Our National Socialist allies the Coca Cola California States of America promised to step up their efforts at border control, and blamed the mid west Heinz Alliance states of dithering in their efforts to stem the route through the fortified rebel stronghold of chicago and into the French held Quebec where it is believed that radar invisible rebel aircraft are supplying the drugs to hidden landing strips within our glorious Tesco Federal States of Europe. President of The PETA states of America Ingrid Newkirk V has pledged to send more troops also to rebel held Montana where it is rumoured that they still have cattle and barbarically fornicate with then before eating them raw and wearing their skins for vanity. PETA Air gunships flying over the state have aslo stated that they have seen legendary wolves and dogs kept by the rebels in misery for their fur. "Montana must be continually attacked. It is in the hands of animal abusers and the rebel Marlboro Governement which is the largest peddler of cigarettes in the world", said Newkirk, grandclone of the great humanitarian leader Ingrid Newkirk who first came up with the idea of externinationg animals for their own protection from abusers.


The families of the cigarette addicts in the Tesco Federation city of New Glasgow have been sentenced to community service where they will work in the rape fields on the edge of the area of inacessibility in old county of Cornwall. The area was sealed off after the Scottish Parliament led our former glorious leader cloned as he was from the DNA of Gordon Brown and St Paul McCartney, had no option but to use Trident against the insurrection there after a farmer was found abusing animals with a shotgun and other weapons of mass destruction. The revalation that people ate animals there showed how uncivilsed they were, and the Rural Civilsation Act of 2062 enabled Trident to be used for the first time within the borders of the Tesco Federal States of Europe. Regarded as a great success, the weapons were then used on the savage French who actually harboured Moslems. The Moslem religion was a scourge of the early twenty first century. Women were used as suicide weapons, therefore president Bono Brown-MCcartney also ordered the invasion and elimination of the French, (who it is also rumoured were still using illegal tobacco and eating animals too), for harbouring enemies of the state in their millions; many believed to be terrorists who escaped the Nuclear strikes on Mecca in bombing of 2048.


Animal Abuse Hoard found at Museum


Despite the Animal Liberation Act of 2055 finds of animal products still are being revealed. The Curator general of the National Museum was sentenced to immediate execution for the hoard, uncovered by General Pamela Anderson IV of the HSPCA which included coats from any unidentified animals. They were burned immediately so as not to cause disease from the toxic hairs.

The Great Act of 2055 ordered the destruction of all animal products, and statues to be built to the memory of the millions of Tigers that were wiped out for fur coats, as were the white bears of the North. So persecuted were the white bears for their fur by a savage race called the Heskimos , that these evil people actually melted the polar ice caps so that they were cornered at the southern tip of Greenland where they were killed in their millions. Our glorious leader Bono Brown-Mcartney, whose clone father St Paul first alerted the world to such savagery after they had killed every seal in existence, ordered the immediate destruction of Greenland and most of Canada, which also harboured animal abusers in their millions, throgh nuclear strikes. It was too late however, and the rising sea levels saw Londoners being resettled as London was gradually sunk, along with Government, in the Scottish Parliament.

Though sales of fur were banned as early as 2012, it took twenty years to expose all those involved in the evil trade. Half a million evil people were executed for these despicable crimes. Within just 100 years, their evil trade had wiped out every wild animal on the planet.


Crime Figures Down Again

Since the abolition of money by President Gordon Brown in 2015, crime has been almost non existent. Rumours that people are still having their fingers and eyes removed in a wave of identity thefts have been strongly denied by The Chief of the Metrolpolitan Homeland Securuty Gunners Sir Ian Blair III; his clone grandfather who won the Victoria Cross in 2010 after proving that Brazil was after all behind the July bombings which killed 13 million people on the London Underground. He was also famous for purging the nation of selfish evil people known as smokers, who forced children to early deaths by breathing toxic fumes from ther breath on them. "Introducing the "shoot to Kill" policy on smokers was the finest health measure ever taken in this nation " said his clonegrandson when questioned by our reporter. "Now normal people can live almost into their fifties".

He added that if people did venture into the wastelands outside the cities then they could come under attack by vicious gangs of marauding mutants descended from primitive rural gangs; but that the RCA as they are known were being caught and executed every day. He added that if people were attacked and fingers and eyes removed by wandering into the wasteland to see if there were truly such ridiculous legends like dogs sheep and foxes, then more fool them. The scam of gauging eyes for iris recognition and fingers for embedded chips for credit procuring rations of yellow soy online to safe houses immediately evacuated after delivery by our glorious food supplier Tesco, was totally blamed on rural mutant rebels,. "there are no other criminals " he added angrily after a reporter from the radical telegraph newspaper asked why if it were true that the mutant rebels ate their own dead what they would want with soya tabs.

The reporter was arrested by Sir Ian's guards and has been sent for deportation for insurrection.

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it's far more simple than that tos...


life = shared emotion or expierence.....


pure n simple, those in the know will understand that one..

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