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Furbearers and animal husbandry: Help needed for WIKI

Guest touchofsable

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We are thinking of paying some serious attention to the true nature of fur farming and animal husbandry ethics.


It may surprise some of you to know that the welfare standards on the vast majority of fur farms is incredibly high. On the other hand, those of you who have ever visited one or had anything to do with any animal farming husbandry will know that generally responsibility for the animals well being is number one priority. Unlike staff at many animal rescue centres, the fur farm worker is often degree educated or has a lifetime of experience in animal care, land management practices etc. Responsibility does not only end with care of the animals, but also benign management of the land within the vicinity.


Well what we want to do is to build a part of the WIKI that draws on all our experience here of such husbandry and practices. We need help to do this as all our indivudual knowledge of such in different parts of the world can help. This can aslo be extended to trappining and hunting of furbearers and aboriginal practice; with regards to Cree Evenk and Sami practices for example.


Here is Worker:


I told a sarcastic joke in one of the forum threads to the effect that nature is something people think they are supposed to watch on TV. As funny as it is, I think it is actually true in a lot of respects.


We need to make sure that information is available for people to see and read so they can learn the truth about the way the world works around them.


I am not a great writer but I can help with writing a LITTLE bit. However, we need somebody who really knows her stuff to write a good piece of prose so that we can post it in the wiki, just like you suggest. I agree, the more out-links the better.


If you can get one or more people to write up some information I can help you/them post it into the Library. It isn't very hard. Once you do it a few times, it's easy. Even then, if you can get me the information I can help you get the ball rolling.


I can start the pages then you can get people to enter the text into the blank pages. Once this is done I can go back and clean it up and put in all the finishing touches.


If that doen't work for you, it is possible that somebody can send me the information in a word processor document but that will take longer because I have to input the text myself. Having other people put the text in distrubutes the work load. (Distrubuting the work is what makes wiki great! )


So IF you can be of any help on this, know of links to individual fur farms, trapping associations, Agricultural authroity guidelines, welfare research, conservation bodies working with hunters and trappers etc, or even general knowlege of animal husbandry in other fields, please get in touch and help. This is our Den Community and all who can contribute...even if you wish to do so incognito.


For those of you who are surprised by this don't be. Well you didn't actualy fall for the PETA propaganda yourselves did you? Eveyr fur farm I have ever visited has been breathtakingly considerate of animal welfare, the animals are adord and there is a pride and dignity there as there is in th vast majority of animal farming that is not battery. Mink for example simply CANNOT be kept in crowded berths. They are SOLITARY animals and would kill and mutilate each other. Some even have water features contrary to what you may read. Furbearers are the onle farmed animals that are truly correctly weaned.


In different parts of the world and different animals the methods will vary; with chinchilla farming for example there is little difference between breeding the naimals for showing and breeding and the same for fur. Same with rabbits. Many breds are the result of select breeding of the best genes over decades, producing amazing animals like rex rabbit and silver fox. This is done with pride, dignity, good welfare practice and real love of the animals.

Help us to build a lasting record of the positive aspects of this and vindicate those whose diligent and dreadfully unjustfully maligned work produces such fine furs. A grave injustice is being done to people who have devoted thir lives to animals through sheer ignorance; and ignorance that PETA has been able to capitalise on unchallenged. Time to put things right.

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Folks, very soon the new Library will be on the air. VERY soon!


This is a tremendous project that TOS and Worker mention here.


***Please have a look at the newly organized Library once it comes on and think about ways that we can use this to make our site an even better and more informative place for both the fetish and fashion oriented members.


We would love to know your ideas on this whole concept.


White Fox

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Finest post from Touchofsable.and I wholeheartedly support him.


This is the truth and this kind of supporting documentation is greatly needed.


I'll do what I can but my I'm pretty busy on other parts of this Site.














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Thanks OFF; if everyone contributes a little of what they know, links, experiences, practices, authority standards ect then it will be great.


Also whitefox, yes there are several different typpes of people here, bonded by an intert in fur. Now some of the fetish people may think

"aw hell I don't wanna know about stuf like that I just wanna see nice pics of chicks in fur"


BUT please try to see the big picture.


If we do not try to put the case for fur, then who will?

Hundreds if not thousands of people visit here that do not register. They use this place as a source for information about fur, and that is why it is so important . Hell it has even changed the minds of PETA people.


SO please support the efforts of the den to build a wide base community here with solid foundations, that can be used as the building blocks of the fur revival. Already models designers and newspapers and politicans are using this place incognito as a resource. Be proud to be a part of that and help us with some of your time and knowledge in a variety of ways depending on your expert specialities and knowledge...whether it be movies; coat repairs; knowledge of specific regions, fur types, conservation, tc etc and make the WIKI the best source on the web for factual information about fur. Of course, we should continue to build the gallery archive and post all relevant link to for all the fetish and fashion members too.

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Hey, people! The new library is on line!


I think a lot of people are going to like it a lot better than the old version. It has a lot more visual appeal and it's better organized.


I know there are a lot of people who hesitate to post information to the library because it looks complicated. In truth, it's not much more complicated then posting a message to this forum. There are a few tricks to learn but it's not hard to do.


If anybody has information they want to put in the library I can help them.


I really like ToS's idea. This is the kind of information we NEED to have in the library... DESPERATELY! It is the kind of thing that most people today just don't understand. P∂TA-freaks count on this fact because, if more people know the truth, they can spread their message a lot easier.


The really great thing about our library is that it is built on the "Wiki" system. It is a collaborative environment that many people can build gradually. You don't have to put all of your information at once. You can just put in what you know and, if everybody else puts in what THEY know, all of that knowledge adds up to great things.


Creating a wiki is a lot like planting a seed and watching it grow!

It starts out small but, before you know it, you have something a whole lot bigger than you started with! : )


Please take a minute to check out the new Fur Library!



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