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been making enquiries around these parts. most of our BMW dealerships dont have meeter/greeters PA people, and i notice your spelling isnt too good. whilst u look great in fur, i am yet to be convinced u are what u claim

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Who are you on about gensilfox?


Also I must put this to bed once and for all:



Lets face it; the animals do not live in hotels

end quote.


Now I know its not your fault, but I find this attitude typical of many here. And it REALLY gets me pissed off.

Few of you have ever been to fur farms. I have.


Like any farming of animals, when it is done to the code of ethics it should be and usually is, the care and husbandry would astonish most of you.


We get EXACTLY the same nonsense levelled at horse racing and sheep and poultry farming. BECAUSE the urbanite is alienated from animal care, he or she has no idea what goes on. They see a contradiction betwen raising an animal and then risking it, breedinf from it, working it or killing it.

Wahtever the husbandry, I can ASSURE you that 99% of animal farmers, breeders zookeepers, horse trainers, hunt staff and fur farmers etc have ONE prioroty and one priority alone TWENTY FOUR hours of the day.



When the evidence that this is in fact true comes to light, PETAphiles usually say "well they would wouldn't they... they see dollar bills".


THAT is nonsense.


People work with animals because they LOVE animals. That is true in 99% of cases.


YES its true that there are people who do not do the job properly...you get the worker who does see the animals as money (he rarely stays long in the business) and the kennel/stable staff who have a chip on their shoulder and take it out on the animals. BUT you get bad people in any way of life or industry. But it sems only the bad guys mak the headlines.


BUT for the most part, people who work with animals do love them. And their care is paramount.

And for you information, yes the animals DO live in comfort that could easily outweigh any form of pampering in any human hotel.


My horse sees a dentist 4 times a year, has a manicure and pedicure every six weeks, is groomed every day, has rug on every evening, is turened out for several hours a day, is ridden is exercise most days, has lunge exercise when he isn't, has a diet formulated by the world's top equine nutritionists, has sessions of dressage because he enjoys it, his stable is mucked out every day and so on. He is retired btw.

Of course the degree of care when the horses ARE in training (for whatever discipline) is then uped a hundred fold from this. NO room for error or injury. The horses are completely looked after in every regard from psychological to physical to diet to veterinary to fenn shui and acupuncture ffs. The staff work 7 day weeks and get up at 5am work till 1pm after riding out in all weathers, then kip for a couple of hours then get up at 4pm and then work till 7pm. It is gruelling, and done for the love of horses....no money could possibly compensate for the lifestyle.


The same degree of care is put in by the vast majority of sheep farmers, especially during lambing. The price of lamb's care is NOT reflected at the supermarket checkout. it is the CONSUMER and SUPERMARKEt who are being subsidised by the EEC NOT the farmer. You all should be paying about

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These two threads were mistakenly (?) posted to the thread that was a questionnaire thread.


I moved them so you can continue discussion here.



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Are they talking about Voyagers trip out of the Solar system or what



Neither one of them can spell worth a danm either and presumably English is their first language.







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Right an American telling us Brits how to spell. That's rich after the liberties you have taken with our language that all your spellcheckers force us into adopting. That is why I don't use them. Every s is replaced with z's (that is zeds to you lol) in "realises" etc. Anyway I am not writing a f***** college essay and it is only the speed of typing that means I make mistakes.


Besides which quite frankly I don't give a "danm " if OFF doesn't like my spelling lol! (Don't you DARE edit that!)


What the hell is the BMW dealership thing about?


My quote came from one of the questionairre responses. These are repeated throughout the thread.


All a lot of people seem to care about is getting cheap furs; and abdicate their esponsibility to where it comes from . Well you get what you pay for and what you should be paying for is quality and hence good animal welfare. It naffs me off that people don't care about the incredible devotion of maids to their charges; or realise that is what produces good furs.

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and it is only the speed of typing that means I make mistakes.


Yeah ToS. I get the impression from your posts that it must be quite hard to see your fingers move sometimes. Just a blur....... The fingers, not the writing

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Are you two nocturnal? 8)


TOS, I believe the comment about the BMW dealership refers to FraninFur. Seems a while back she posted that she worked in a dealership.



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a fellow member who claims to be female, but may not be. i love to see fur, especially on a lady. but i do wish our members would be more honest about who they are and what they are. it spoils stuff it they aint.

and yup we do still have fur farms in yorkshire. and no i dont think about the animals, just the beautiful coats.

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Boy! this is a confusing thread Is there a theme? is it going anywhere? Is voyager real, or a conspiracy? Did i really get up early on Saturday? Is there meaning to life? how many prime numbers are there?


I dunno. I'm just the violinist

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Presumably rabbit. They are allowed because of the meat.


It is a shame you don't care about the animals because without the dedication and care that people give to the animals , and the incredible predators with specific fur attributes , you wouldn't have any beautiful coats.


It is the same with racing. People don't care about the horses as long as they have a bet, and that is the attitude that give the industry a bad name because the perception is that the trainer owner and stable staff are the same...which is totally untrue.


Likewise, perhaps you should start considering the animals more as it is only the great husbandry skill, breeding and ethics bulit up over years that means that you have beautiful fur; so its a damn good job someone cares.


Fur is beautiful because the animal is proud and beautiful and treated with dignity, understanding an care by handlers and trappers. And what happens? They are the ones who get flak because some fur wearers can't be bothered to understand that.


Be very very careful in that attitude; while people apply it to meat we all risk dreadful diseases and inferior quality. Not that I care about them; I am far more concerned about more of the white coated extermination squads of Blair's fascist government that were ripping orphan animals from children's arms as they were crying, lining them up in threes to save bullets, and treating farmers with contempt and brutality when they stood in their way before piling the caracasses up in their thousands and burning them. The people of the British countryside will never forget that. And why? Because people didn't care where their meat came from or how it was treated.


btw who was the female of whom you speak?

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I don't think gensilfoxx was saying that he doesn't "care" about the animals. I think he meant that he's not one of those people who gets off thinking about the animals that were killed to make a coat.


Yes, I also believe those people who don't care about animal welfare are just as reprehensible as those who subscribe to the P∂TA ideology.

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