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White Fox

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Folks, there are all kinds of photos not yet in our Gallery. We need photos of "Men in Furs". Other sites have lots but we still don't. There are so many "Candid shots" that we do not have. And touring through other sites we quickly realize that we have still only "Tapped the edge" of the fur photos in general.


Let's make this a great Gallery. We can do it with your help. We don't want poor quality photos, but there are all kinds of really great fur photos out there for all of our catagories. If possible please avoid duplicates. However, our blood hounds are pretty good here at sniffing those out, so don't avoid posting because of that. If you are not sure, post it and they will check them out.


I would though like to thank all here who have posted in the Gallery. Many of you have put in what must be almost endless hours of work posting so many photos so that we all can enjoy them!


So, let's make the Gallery Rock!


White Fox

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And I think that having a hundred men in fur photos is a nice start.


But this lady wants to see a hundred more.


Very interesting photos they are too.

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