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Been a watcher on fur den for many years. have joined and posted occasionally in the past but then always forget my passwords and user name Doh!! I have a real hang up about passwords, so many of them, what with user names, secret words for banks, ebay, and more etc etc..! eventually I tend to give up and just watch. Easier but less friendly.


But who can resist this new site. many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make it possible. So - this time I've got a password I will always remember. So hopefully here for good now and will contribute more.


Here's my first contribution.

Was listening to Yukon first nation radio last week and they had a report on the fur trade. A spokesman for the fur trappers association said that last year was a record year for fur sales. he mentioned a figure of $2Billion. Did I hear this right? it seems an awfully large figure. Anyway he also said that a significant factor was that a lot of young people were buying fur again. Good news eh? Cue the music "Happy days are here again".............etc.)

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First off, great to have you posting again. Always great to hear that people think we went the right direction here.

To avoid password problems, when your computer asks just let it save the password and then you are all set. If you should ever run into problems, just give me an email and I can help.


As for your post, great news to hear things like that. As touch mentions in another thread, this means so much to the people of the North.


And, great news for all of us on this site and so many others.


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