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Three Wishes Joke


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I don't know if you've heard this one before, but I just read it and found it to be quite humorous.


A rancher was riding his horse over the ranch when he heard cries for help coming from a nearby river. He rushes over and finds a woman fighting to stay above water. Being the gentlemen that he is, he dives into the water and swims her to shore safely.


"Thank you!" the woman says. "Though you might not believe it, I am a mighty witch, and I shall reward your good deed with three wishes."


Well this rancher thinks for a second, and shrugs. "Well, I reckon it might be nice if I struck oil on my ranch."


"Done, in the morning you shall strike it rich with oil."


The rancher thinks for a second more. "Well, I've always wanted to have a face as nice as Tom Cruise's and a body like Arnold Schwarznegger."


"Done. When you awake tomorrow, you shall find yourself so gifted."


The rancher sort of kicks at the dirt for a second, and finally makes his third wish. "You know, this might seem silly but I want to be as well equipped sexually as my horse."


The witch nods. "In the morning it shall be so."


Well, this rancher rides home, and sure enough, first thing in the morning, he hears one of his workers yell, "Boss! We hit oil!" He jumps up and looks in the mirror and he has Tom's face and Arnold's body. Then, in excitement he pulls down his pants and remembers...


...he was riding the mare the other day.


I'm getting back into making more posts. I'll be back in full time capacity as soon as I get over another patch. Miss you all!



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