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Note to the mods about gallery placement

Guest touchofsable

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I am still concerned about the way in which pics are placed in the gallery. My requests are often overuled and without due consideration.

Suzette, one of the main models for Lady Madonna SF site is in ebay images! WHY!!!????????


Underneath each upload there is a description. If it says smoking lounge then how does it end up in ebay images?

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There's a very good and logical reason why the picutre ended up in the eBay instead of the Smoking Lounge...


I screwed up!


Whoops! My bad!


I put it back in the smoking gallery.

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I noticed a few things about some of your recent uploads, touch.


For one thing, Kiera is wearing a rabbit wrap, not mink. This is a fur fan site, not a place for ebay sellers, who can't even read a fur label. We should be able to tell the difference between those two furs.


Also, that pic of Charlize is bad. Someone should rent the DVD of Men of Honor to get some proper screencaps.


Finally, the pic of the cover of "The Married Set" seems to show the women staring at each other, and the guy looking like he's being cheated on. I wonder what happens in that book.

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Which is the picture of Charlize? Charlize who? Theron? I thought she didn't do fur?

Is it the pic of smoking whith the glove? That was posted on a smoking site uncredited...I just happen to notice just the edge of a mink and hopd the shot would do just that...get someone to post images weere it is more full in shot. If it is Charlize Theron that is a major thing because she is obviously another who does wear fur when it suits her.


As for the Keira shot thanks I din't look closely. It looked spikey and still does not look like rabbit to me..rabbit lies flat, and when sheared is clumpy. Anyway I have added rabbit to th search terms and also changed it to fur rather than mink.


Yes I love that Bill Ward pic too; looks like the book was hot!




Note to ToS - Apparently, you posted this twice. I took the responsibility of removing the duplicate. I hope that's ok with you. FLinFL

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And look at what I just posted in the gallery. Evidence Charlize Theron has worn fur. She's right there, with a white fox coat against her naked skin. Perhaps she became ashamed of how good it felt.

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Sometimes thy go for the easy option.


One trainers wife for example in the UK has a long balckglama which she wear a lot. Even when popel ask her if its real in a complimentary way she says no fake. When I asked hr why she said a hippy had a go at her in a supermarket ten years ago and so vever since she just avoids it, though she adores fur.


So mayb with the pressure these fascists put on some celebs they merely say that to avoid trouble.

I posted a couple more of Charliz too for ya from that movie. By the way she is believed to be into SF and has ten pages on the smokingcelebs form and over 300 different smoking pics. Melanie griffiths Kate Beckinsale and Lara flynn Boyle among others are also rumoured to think smoking is sexy and significant that they appear to be well into furs too.


Remeber Christian Ricci too was into both and received an incredible amount of flak about it. So do they take the easy option?

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