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BEHOLD the greatest show on Earth: The Grand National

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Okay Saturday approaches and what a field. So far on the first day it looks as though the horses that ran at Cheltenham are running well. Normally there is only two weeks between the events but this time it looks like they have had time to recover and are stripping fitter.


So watch them in all the races.


Joes' Edge obviously has a tremendous chance in the race; and you have to say the Irish look like their cheating horses are out in force again. Numbersixvalverde has no weight; but I don't think he is good enough this year. DUN DOIRE would be my choice for best Irish chance; maybe Jack High each way. And Le Duc at 66/1 is an absolutely crazy price...get on it;

also THISTHATANDOTHER at 66/1. Then Armaturk (who may run tomorrow instead...watch out for it) and Royal Auclair who was second in it two years ago but fell at the first last year...also have great chances. The four are trained by champion trainer Paul Nicholls so its ludicrous for his horses to be that price....and they all ran well enough at cheltenham so may strip fitter than the irish horses that swerved it.


There may be as many as a billion people watch this year; making it the biggest sporting tv event of all time. I think the US is the only country in the world not showing it. But China and the Eastern block and Indian subcontinent and japan will watch it.


You can bet on it online legally I think anywhere in the world if you open a credit card account; and probably watch it online too.


Also watch out tomorrow for Turko and Taranis and Theatre Girl; then on saturday Fair Along and Asian Maze.


Anyone else any fancies?

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After yer Cheltenham tips i'll be steering clear of that little lot.. even yer Irish tip Don Doire is on the drift already.... out to nearly 20.0 on the exchanges matey..


From the Irish contingent for the record am on


Silver Birch 50.0 e/w - A former Welsh National Winner & in with a place shout in an open field.


Bother Na 30.0 e/w - popular pick & expect to shorten on the day


gl all

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Yes but I had four winners yesterday! Nearly all my cheltenham lot ran well btw....lots of fourths and fifths.

Yes Silver Birch has a big chance but his target is the Velka Parudibicka in October. I would love to see him win the National as he could then be the first horse for 100 years or more to win both. As you say he is a Welsh national winner too.


Its good to see you back here you contrary Irish git!

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Nah, jus passing throu, can't be letting sheepshaggers like you put out all them duff picks.... I mean all them 4th & 5th's at Cheltenham still =

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Okay okay we can't all be professional gamblers!


I win a bit dring the year its good enough for me. I once finished sixth in a massive pro poker tournament at the Aviation club on the champs Elyssees btw so wil have to give you a thrashing at poker sometime.


BTW is there any truth in the rumour that you cannot even bet online in the USA???? And that is the reason they are the only nation in the world not showing the Grand National? You can't bet in Dubai but they are showing it and organise big lotteries based on it as that can't be seen as gambling. Hmmmm...I bet they are showing it in Vegas. Makes you wonder.

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6th..... so yer were 5th placed looser then...


Yes yer right it is illegal in the US, people I know have to register with the exchanges before they travel stateside otherwise their account is blocked, amazing really, throwback to prohibition laws if you ask me, shame really, so many MUG punters taken outta the game... bless

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A wins a win s'ppose, pay the bar tab for the weekend....


I get yer drift on the sports betting issue & maybe I think it smacks a little as well of the ol if they're not in with a chance of winning it there not interested scenario...? sometimes a greating sporting occassion should be available for all to view & jus enjoyed like the National, the FA Cup & even the Superbowl. It's not always about winning & the money!


papillon, now there's a good book ruined by...

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i'll give yer one scene but the film in general is all over the place, trust me the book is far superior.


Mullins is rating Bothar Na jus ahead of Hedgehunter this year & already there steaming into him on the exchanges.... missed yer 30.0, now into 24.0 could go 21.0 (that's 20/1) in the morning.... so sticking with that as main tag.


might include hedgehunter in a tri-cast, top weight shouldn't hurt as ground is likely to be good or maybe point barrow as odds a bit skinny for the o/r

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The ground wil suit Ballycassidy and he was going well when he fell last year. He may even have won. What price is he on the exchanges?

Bwens horse won the big one today and its about time we had another WELSH winner of the race. The last ones being Richard Johnson (we claim him as welsh) Carl Llewelyn (twice) and Hywel Davies.


The English don't do very well in it actually do they?


Was thinking abot you today when I heard these famous words...


"back when I was younger they were laughing at me

Didn't listen to a word I said

Always yak yak yak yak and complaining at me.........."

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Seriously well done. Hope you loaded on it. I did it in all my four comination forecasts but didn't get the second horse. And it was a welsh horse second! Bowen's other one! damn!


So I lost again! I did have two winners at Chepstow and a few big price places at Aintree so managed to keep my losses down.


It was a great result for the young trainer in his first year who bought the horse from Paul Nicholls. I bet Nicholls and owner Barber are gutted; but on the other hand they will be pleased for the horse.


The thing is; what was interesting is that the trainer told him how they trained him for the race:


"HUNTING" he said.


Thanks Mr Blair you and you AR friends have given the Irish our race for the last three years now with your stupid ban.


But it is a great result and shows that it is truly a peoples race; assessible to all. The horse only cost

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