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All righty then!!!.....these may not be the most practical things in the world but it does bring up an interesting point.


Here is a case where fur is absolutely embraced nation wide as politically correct.


Yea New Zealand!!!! Possums in New Zealand are destroying countless acres of native vegetation and habitat. This is effecting the local fauna as well. These are a non-native, introduced species whose population exploded. There is a great need in NZ to protect their natural resources from these critters. They are usually killed on sight as vermin.


One of the brilliant ideas was to develop a market for the possum fur to help provide an incentive for people to remove these pests and make money doing it! So there are possum fur products all over NZ....some very practical and some well, nipple warmers! (OK, the not so brilliant idea was to introduce a non native species onto your tiny island nation). So it is very PC to buy these products!!


Now don't confuse this possum with the rat like North American and European opossum. The fur of the Kiwi possum is very soft, sensual and thick. I have several products (hides, slipper inserts, hats, mittens) and I can attest that they are fabulous!


Do any other den members know of this great fur?


Let's hear from a few kiwi Den members!

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I tell you this, when fur cloning advances, fur from actual animals, would be acceptable, as a byproduct of controlled hunting, like this.

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I love this fur!


It is silky and soft. Many high quality lined leathers use this fur.


I love a blanket made of it!! 8)



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It's really durable, too! My topcoat is lined with it. I've worn it for two winters now, and the fur is still like it was when I first wore it!

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I've mentioned this before on a previous post (some months back).


I agree, it's a beautifull fur, soft, warm , durable, and minimal napp, so it strokes in all directions instead of lying flatter one way.


we have two pillows of NZ possum fur, one silver, one brown, and a hot water bottle cover which is the cosiest thing you could ever imagine in your bed, on your feet on a cold winter's night, when you go to bed with cold feet. (plus it could also be used as a great massage mitt!!).


We bought the pillows to see what it is like, and are impressed enough to be now saving saving for the queen size bed throw, which we intend intend to have by next winter.


Considering it's softness and durability, I think the NZ prices are very reasonable, there are a number of companies doing NZ possum fur items, if you put it into google.

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