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Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Welcome to The Fur Den


What an auspicious first "Post" of some fine pictures.

















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That's a great looking site. I like their products and styles. The pictures look awesome!


But, alas, they don't seem to have much product information, nor do they have any prices or buying information.


Sure, I know wholesale/retail pricing has its intracacies but they could at LEAST publish MSRPs and product numbers.


I'm still saving up so I'm not quite ready to buy yet but they have my attention! I'd be willing to put them at the top of my list if they had more information on their site.

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If anybody who lives in the US is interested in purchasing a pair of coyote mittens similar to those pictured above, I know an Alaska furrier who can custom make a pair for $275 - $375. For more info, contact me by PM or email.

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